Gas buyers switch to long term contracts to avoid volatile prices--The so-called green energy was a marketing hype. Fossil energy will be used beyond 2150


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Chavez condemns West for supporting ‘terrorists’ in Syria

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says his country  backs Russia and China in dealing with the issue of Syria’s unrest, condemning the West for funding “terrorists to destabilize” the Middle Eastern country. But Chavez failed to mention that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey were also involved in the issue.

Furthermore, Chavez  accused the West of funding and supplying weapons to the insurgents, saying the West has sent these terrorists to destabilize the Syrian government.  “We recognize the Syrian government. Who do they want us to recognize: those terrorists who are killing people, destroying cities, bombing? It is sad to know and to have evidence that European governments recognize the terrorists and meet with terrorists and fund them and give them money and weapons,” he said.

The Venezuelan leader’s remarks come as US President Barack Obama has reportedly signed a secret order, authorizing more support for insurgents fighting against Bashar al-Assad’s government.  The decree broadly permits the CIA and other US agencies to aid insurgents in Syria.  Some witnessess from Northern Syria have reported CIA green berets are among the inflitrating armed insurgents from Southern Turkey.

The order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence “finding,” marks Washington’s growing support for armed terrorists in Syria. A US government source, however, confirmed that under provisions of the presidential finding, Washington is collaborating with a secret command center operated by Turkey and its allies. Turkey has established a base in the city of Adana  near the Syrian border to facilitate military training and transfer of military and communications means to Syrian insurgents and radical salafists. .


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