All current weapons systems are overrated and unfit for post modern warfare.

« Speculation that Israel and the United States may decide to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities have heightened after former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy told the New York Times, “If I were an Iranian, I would be very fearful of the next 12 weeks.”

The NY Times report speculates that the window of opportunity to strike is closing, partly because of Israel’s aversion to winter battles and partly because Benjamin Netanyahu fears that whoever wins the US presidential election, impetus will be lost.

“Mr. Netanyahu feels that he will have less leverage if President Obama is re-elected, and that if Mr. Romney were to win, the new president would be unlikely to want to take on a big military action early in his term, states the report ».

Ayatollah Khamenei: « War Within Weeks »  

« Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told top Iranian military chiefs to expect “war within weeks,” at a recent war council meeting, according to Israeli news outlet DebkaFile« .

 (Paul Joseph

The current events in the Mideast could lead to a new World War…

Strategika51 has already reported three  weeks ago that Iran top military brass started to hand out a manual about the « Final War » in the Middle-East named « The Six Last Months » in which The Iranian Joint-Staff call the Iranian people to prepare for the coming of the Mahdi (the Messiah) and to expect a full spectrum war over all the area and beyond.  The manual intended for soldiers of the Iranian armed forces and elite soldiers of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps indicates how to cope with a an all-out war in which all kind of weaponery would be used by belligerents, including tactical nuclear heads, chemical and biological vectors, electromagnetic pulse, lasers, cyberwars and chaos social and political  engineering. The US-Israeli-Saudi  proxy war against  Syria, an Arab ally of Tehran,  aims to path the way to an attack on Iran. 


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