Ionic engines or thrusters will not break the current stagnation in outer space exploration.Ion thrusters use electrostatics as ions are accelerated by the Coulomb force along an electric field.

Saudi Arabia intelligence is activating all its networks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia and Caucasus to wage a new holy war against what it call the evil Putin regime like in the 1980’s where “Mujahedeen” labeled by US president Reagan as free fighters carried out a fierce guerilla war against soviet troops in Afghanistan.

Then, it was a war against the “atheists and commies” invading Islamic lands. The CIA funded and armed hundreds of young Arab volunteers in the Afghan conflict. They were coordinated by an unknown Saudi citizen named Bin Laden in a small office where the database of all fighters records was stored. Oddly enough, a  database is called AlQaida in arabic!

The Soviet Union has collapsed in 1991. Twenty years later, The Kingdom is trying to play Russia for the second time. This time, Moscow is backing the “Alevi Damascus Regime”, an arch enemy of both  Saudi monarchy and Israeli corrupted government, the two pillars of the US foreign policy in the Middle-East and beyond. The aim: creating turmoil in Central Asia and Caucasus using Islamic radicalism to put the pressure on Moscow. The Russians are already angry with the Eastern expansion NATO policy and the Missile shield project.

The terrorist attack against the Tatarstan Mufti (highest Muslim cleric) and his deputy was the start. Is it phase II? Will we soon see Al Qaida in Central Asia threatening both Russia and China for their policies?

This question would be linked to the Bandar Bin Sultan assassination attempt. Bandar Bin Sultan, aka Bandar Bush is the head of Saudi intel and a very close ally of Bush family. TheVoltaire Network reported his death a week after the bombing of the Syrian National Security complex in which four high officials were killed. No one could confirm this information but our sources told us that Saudi intel is suspecting Russian intel behind the attempts to get rid of Bandar innercircle prominent men.

As 20, 000 Syrian troops are battling foreign mercenaries, Salafist legions, rebels and Saudi, US, Jordan, Turkish and French “advisers” in the Aleppo’s streets, it seems that another war is already on the go between all players around the big game that is Syria in World politics.

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