Venezuela plans a ‘guerrilla army’ against US invasion

Venezuela is training a “guerrilla army” aiming to be a million strong by 2013 to fight off a possible US invasion, an opposition lawmaker said Sunday. 

Plan Sucre”   covers the  logistical and other angles necessary to “transform a professional army into a guerrilla army,” Representative Maria Corina Machado told El Universal newspaper.

The strategic objective is to build a new Bolivarian military doctrine” that would prepare Venezuela to be successful in a very prolonged popular war against “the empire,” or the United States, Machado said.

The plan calls for “strengthening the territorial militias, in order to ensure the necessary strength for the overall defense of the nation, targeting recruitment levels of one million by 2013 and two million by 2019″.

Venezuela’s militia corps  was created in 2005 to protect the country against possible “imperialist” aggression. They are considered a part of the military but report directly to the president. Hugo Chavez has ordered them to be prepared to fight even with  bows and arrows a possible foreign attack . This new corps was a direct consequence of the bellicose attitude of the USA and its allies in the world, namely after invading many third-world countries and provoking “color revolution like” and “chaos” in others.

President Hugo Chavez, 58, is a one of the rare vocal critic of Washington in the world. The United States and Venezuela have had troubled relations for years, and have not had ambassadors in each other’s country since 2010.

He has often denounced “American imperialism” and its numerous wars  in the world.  He also accused the United States of seeking to destabilize his government by all possible means.

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