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Syrian Army kills 106 insurgents in Homs

Units of the Syrian Armed forces  has besieged this morning the armed insurgents  in Wady al-Sayh of Homs, killing 106, including many Libyan, Egyptian, Tunisian and Saudi mercenaries.

7 Libyan snipers have been killed by the soldiers of Syrian Army in al-Qarabees neighborhood. The Syrian security forces have as well found 6 bodies near al-Mukharam. The bodies were distorted, tortured and slaughtered.

In All-Qusair, The Syrian security forces have destroyed a ‘technical’ vehicle mounted with a 12.7 mm Russian made machine-gun and killed all the gunmen carried inside. Moreover, four gunmen, riding on motorcycles, have been killed in an ambush set up by the Syrian security forces in al-Qusair.

Moreover, the armed militants and Al-Qaeda terrorists  have destroyed the Monastery of Mar Elias, located in al-Rabbleh. One of the most beautiful monasteries of Syria.



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