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UK dispatches 200 Special Forces in and around Syria

The British Army has dispatched nearly 200 elite members from the Special Air Service and the Special Boat Service in and around.

A senior military expert, who asked to remain anonymous, said the elite SAS and SBS troops are in Syria to both gather information about and confiscate those ‘chemical weapons’.

The elite special troops are working alongside those that are dispatched by the British foreign spying apparatus- MI6, to the country in an attempt to gather intelligence about the movement of the Syrian army forces, experts said.

According to the report, American and French troops are also operating with MI6 and CIA agents to destabilize Syria and help the foreign-backed gunmen topple Syria.

“This is like something out of a Frederick Forsyth thriller but it’s true and a lot of people could get killed,” said the senior British expert.

Libyan behind the fall of helicopter

The Syrian Arab Army had succeeded in killing the militants who had targeted the Syrian army helicopter that had fallen in al-Qaboun area in Damascus on 27 august 2012.
A Syrian Army helicopter has bombed a 4X4 technical vehicle that was mounted by a AAA 23 mm heavy machinegun.
The ‘technical’ was destroyed in al-Harmleh area, of Damascus Countryside. Four militants, including three libyan mercenaries were killed.
The shooter behind the fall of the Syrian army helicopter was a Libyan mercenary who participated in the killing of Libyan leader Muamar Gaddafi in Sirt area in october 2011.


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