Gas buyers switch to long term contracts to avoid volatile prices--The so-called green energy was a marketing hype. Fossil energy will be used beyond 2150


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Uranium war. That’s what about in Northern Mali. Life is stranger than all you can imagine. I met this man in 2006 when he was a warlord among others. He was shy and secretive. He lacked charisma but seemed to tightly control his men and know a little bit more than usual about power struggle in the Sahara desert. This little illiterate man is now the public enemy number one in Algeria, United Kingdom and France. Media are talking a lot about him. Even Wikipedia is wrong about his personal data. But who cares? We have a new enemy. neo-Capitalism will run at its best. Guns are blazing. Uranium wars? I’m fed up! I give up and think about some retreat in a remote island…

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