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War in the Mideast: Fierce battles in Northern Syria


To: Strategika 51 

Date/Time: 25th March, 2014/XXXX Zulu

Raw Material

Priority: High

Subject: Northern Syria Operations


The Syrian Arab Army carried out massive Military Operations in the Northern countryside of Lattakia, launching attacks against many hideouts and positions of Armed Terrorist groups, with Artillery and Tanks and the Air Force backed by the support of the National Defense Forces targeting Armed Terrorists in the districts including:

Kesab – Jabal Al-Nasr – Doreen – Tertiah – Marj Khokha – Saqiye Al-Karat – Salma – Sad Baradoun – Al-Owaynat – Al-Qasatl – Al-Kabir – Al-Rab’ia – Al-Muhmiya – Al-Ferlaq – Beit Shrouk – Al-Saraya – Al-Otaira – Al-Sakriye – Ghmam – Al-Qassb – Al-Tefahiye – Al-Dghmshliye – Al-Qouz, with the following results:

) – The destruction of an ammunition Depot in Salma
) – The destruction of a large Missiles Warehouse in Tertiah
) – The destruction of 4 vehicles in Beit Shrouq and Kesab
) – The destruction of 4 cars loaded with Dushka Machine guns in Tertiah – Al-Kabir – Al-Souda – Jabal Al-Qouz
) – The destruction of 12 Mortar platforms and 6 Rocket launchers in Al-Muhmiya – Al-Ferlaq – Talat Al-Souda – Al-Kabir – Jabal Al-Nasr – Kesab – Al-Nabein.

A number of Commanders and leaders of Terrorist groups were exterminated during the Military Operations, mainly from Al-Nusra Front and the FSA Terrorist groups including the so-called Ahrar Al-Sham and the Islamic Army, with foreign Mercenaries identified among the dead from Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Libya .

Status: Published as it is.

Syrian Army

Syrian NDF

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