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Whatever happens, Belarus will stay with Russia – Lukashenko

Belarus remains a reliable strategic partner for Russia – this is a priority of foreign policy for Minsk, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said in his annual address to the Belarusian people and the parliament.

The President of Belarus annually prepares addresses to the Belarusian people and the parliament. Traditionally, he designates key vectors of the country’s development for next year, summing up most recent results and pointing out most acute problems. There is progress in the struggle against corruption, devaluation advances slowly, but the situation in the economy remains under control and is therefore stable, Lukashenko said. The main ally is still the Russian Federation. Foreign policy priorities have not changed.

“Whatever happens, we will be with Russia,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

There are too many of those, who wish to drive a wedge in the relations with Russia, but the Belarusian leader has something to say to them. “I’ve heard a lot of interesting things lately. They told me that there were Russian tanks near our borders that took our border for the Ukrainian one, that the Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov was getting ready to become the president of Belarus. But, of course, I kick them all out of the door,” said Lukashenko.

The complexity of the historical moment does not frighten Alexander Lukashenko. According to him, destabilizing the situation in today’s Belarus is impossible. He even remembered the long-forgotten term “enemy of the people.”

“The power is ready for a controlled, gradual and life-dictated revolution, but I am opposed to the destruction to the ground. Whoever calls for rebellion, is an enemy of not only the state and the president, but, above all, an enemy of our country and our people. Such radicalism will suppressed from the start, we will not take it to provocations and clashes,” Lukashenko said.

From Pravda

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