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Afghanistan: Taliban Counter-attack in the South, a prelude to a new IS franchise?

According to witnesses from Southern Afghanistan, hundreds of Afghan Talibans swept the province of Ghazni and have proclaimed the Islamic state, triggering many fightings with local security forces and armed militias.
For the first time ever, the Taliban have swapped their well known white flag for a new black one similar to those on display in many villages in Northern Iraq and Eastern Syria.
The Afghan National Army units tried to stop the armed groups but they decided to retreat after heavy casualties.

We do not know yet whether Mullah Omar, the Supreme Commander of Taliban who is fighting against the ISAF, NATO and Afghan forces since October 2001, has decided to recognize the ISIS.

Some intel info outlets have evoked in April 2014 tens of unknown flights from improvised airfields in Southern Afghanistan to undisclosed locations in the Mideast in what might be a black op to send fighters from South and Central Asia to the battle fields of Syria and Iraq along side of what we come to know as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). Some of these men landed in Southern Turkey and others were spotted in Northern Jordan.

Some neighboring countries of Afghanistan like Pakistan have denied this info, especially after reports about the existence of some clandestine airfields in the tribal area where the Pakistani army is waging one of its biggest operations to destroy militants strongholds.

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