Des objets en orbite autour de la terre tirant des projectiles vers le sol: le combat orbital est l'enjeu de l'année 2022


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 Πάντα ῥεῖ…

In an unexpected development, Taliban fighters retreating from a heavy fight with the Afghan Nationsl Army units in Nangarhar province in Eastern Afghanistan were intercepted by Islamic State (IS) terrorists. Ten Taliban fighters were caught alive in the ambush and beheaded. 

This is the first time Daesh (Arabic acronym for Islamic State in Iraq and Levant) manages to ambush Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. 

One week ago, Taliban fighters fought a brief battle against unknown armed groups using brand new Japanese SUV’s in Farah, Western Afghanistan, not far from Iran borders. 

Oddly enough, these armed group appear in areas left by Isaf and NATO forces. 

Are we witnessing another avatar of the Iraqi scenario in Afghanistan? 

IS or Daech or whatever it may label itself could be the most formidable geopolitical catalyzer tool in Centcom zone and its purpose would be less idle than previously thought. 

Within the framework of chaos engineering, Daech is the ultimate army of doom using a post-20th Century revised orientalist approach of a downgraded version of Islam to alter the political borders is nation-States created in the aftermath of Sykes-Picot agreements after WWI. 

In this regard, who is hiding behind Daesh and above all, who is the main beneficiary of all this havoc in the Near and Middle-East? 

Actually, IS or Daesh is the X factor. Like a mutant genetically modified RNA virus, it is spreading throughout the Muslim world like a challenging plague, sustained, armed, funded, backed and watched by one and unique belligerent to protect another player so as it can celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2048 amid silence, confusion and probably in a vitrified graveyard…

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