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The best anti-Zionist letter of the year 2015

To the Ambassador of Israel to Thailand, H.E. Mr. Simon Roded
‘I acknowledge your dissatisfaction to the opinions I voiced in my writings. However, I do have a right to voice my personal opinion from which I conclude from facts and evidences which history books has attempted to cover up and distort. Even then, you may wonder why I would be writing on such matters which displease you when the matter does not seem to involve either myself or my country. I, hereby, will explain that what I write is not to displease you or anyone, and what it has to do with myself and my country.
First of all, my referring to ‘Zionist Bankers’ implicates a group of people, not to the whole Jewish race, whereby even with Orthodox Jews, real Jews, who adhere to the Torah, many reject Zionism as being Judaism as they have shown in protests around the world. I am sure you are already aware of this since some of the real Jews, who are very decent, have actually been imprisoned in Israel.
By Zionist Bankers, I am referring to a group of the most powerful bankers in the world who have control of power over many governments including the superpower United States of America, where the Federal Reserve Bank which prints money and lends it out to the government with interest, is privately owned by them, and not the American people. They have large holdings and control over most of the largest corporations all around the world, including 6 corporations which control 90% of the media in the USA. They control most of the oil and gas resources around the world. They are advancing to control the world’s food supply through GMO’s. Even organizations such as the UN and its derivatives such as World Bank and IMF are their creations and are controlled by them.
The most prominent and powerful families of the Zionist Bankers are clearly the ‘Rothschild’ and the ‘Rockefeller’ families. The name Rothschild, I am sure you are very well acquainted, as within the Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, your Capital, there is an exhibit of enormous importance to your country, namely ‘The Balfour Declaration’, a letter to Lord Rothschild in 1917, whereby the British Government declared its support for the establishment of a national home for Jewish people in Palestine. Thus Baron Edmond (Abraham Benjamin) Rothschild has the status of “the Father of the Settlements” (Avi ha-Yishuv) or we could say the father of Israel. 
Of the four super oil companies of the world, ‘The Four Horsemen of Oil’, which are behind America’s oil conquest strategies, BP Amoco and Royal Dutch/Shell are controlled by the Rothschild with their large shareholdings. The other two, Exxon Mobil and Chevron, are off-springs from John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. They have interlocking directorates within themselves and with mega-banks such as Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, N. M. Rothschild & Sons, controlled by the Rothschild, and Rockefeller’s JP Morgan Chase. Their shareholding are interwoven with their mega-corporations such as Black Rock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity which are the nucleus of most of the major corporations in the USA and around the world.
For the purpose of control over governments Zionist Bankers created private organizations which act as a front for them such as The Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) และ The Trilateral Commission (TC) whereby these organizations include as members, powerful and influential figures such as ex-Presidents, key men such as Henry Kissinger, politicians, military, leaders of government intelligence agencies in Europe and the US. The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1974 for additional important Asian figures who would become members and support their goals of global domination, for their personal gain. Their power extends over many governments including the United States.
Through their greed, in their quest of neo-colonization, whether by force, or by briberization, or by threats, or by debt or by internal interference, Zionist Bankers have invaded and seized natural resources, oil, gas, key assets and financial institutes, looting from and enslaving the people from countries all around the world.

 The following are what Zionist Bankers with the help of their so called ‘Thai’ collaborators have done to The Kingdom of Thailand: (1) They have looted and swindled oil and gas from the people of Thailand (2) They have intentionally created debt followed by a a seizure of key assets and a vast part of the Thai economy (3) They have applied the ‘Divide and Rule’ strategy to Thailand in order to make further conquest, have been and still are, pulling strings behind politicians on all sides of the ongoing colour shirts conflict, manipulating division between Thai people among themselves. Details are as follows:
(1) Looting and swindling oil and gas from the people of Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is a sovereign state and sovereignty belongs to the Thai people, meaning therefore that all natural resources are properties of the people of Thailand. However, the legislations governing oil and gas acquisition in Thailand was neither written by the people of Thailand, nor for the benefits of the people of Thailand at all. It was written by Walter James Levi, the dean of United States oil economists, a CFR and The Trilateral Commission member, who went on to become an executive for Standard Oil Company of New York or Socony, which has now become Exxon. 
Its contents are clearly for the benefits of Zionist Bankers and has the unjust characteristics of charters written for colonies whereby the sole ownership of oil and gas belong to corporations which get the concession, which is not done even in transparent bidding, with very low royalty for the true owner, Thailand, which does not even reserve the right to even check and know the amount of the resource produced by a method which may even be considered to qualify as being anything close to being called transparent.
This override of Thailand’s sovereignty was possible through threats and briberization to those in power, who were willing to sell their country and their soul. It was followed by concessions after concessions, and further amendments of the charter, to allow easier and further profits for corporations, and less for Thailand. It is evident that which ever group or side that came into power, by whatever method of entry, democratic or not, collaborated in selling out their country for commission. Especially with the evidence of different political groups setting up stepping stones, one government after another, to lose Thai territory on the border of Thailand to Cambodia by which, ultimately lead to an area of 27,000 square kilometres in the Gulf of Thailand, which is undoubtedly one of the area richest in oil and gas in the whole of Thailand, to becoming a disputed area between Thailand and Cambodia. 
Whose ever territory it is, Chevron has a firm lock on the concession both on the Thai and the Cambodian side. Meaning that if the concessions are completed on both sides, ultimately, control over the territory will likely be decided by the US under the Zionist Bankers, in favour to whom ever consents to their wishes the most. 
At present, Thai sovereignty over oil and gas belonging to the people of Thailand, is blatantly and ultimately undermined, in such a horrific manner as never before, as the current Junta Government appoints a 30 year member of The Trilateral Commission of the Zionist Bankers, Narongchai Akrasenee, as the minister of the energy ministry. Coming into office, he did not waste time in announcing the so-called ‘Bidding’ for oil and gas concession in the area, without even ever notifying Thai people about any resolution concerning the territory problem with Cambodia, despite protests.
By the foresaid, the looting and swindling of oil and gas by Zionist Bankers, has now advanced to the status of stealing territory from Thai people.

(2) Intentionally creating debt followed by a seizure of key assets and a vast part of the Thai economy.

If a wealthy evil man wanted a beautiful plot of land belonging to a rice farmer, what that rich evil man would do is loan the farmer a lot of money and make sure he cannot find the means to pay it back. When he misses his payments, freeze his assets, force sale his land at one tenth of the real value and buy it.

The method of the Zionist Bankers is the same. After speeding up lending to the top 1% so that the foreign debts would enormously be increased, Zionist Bankers, lead by George Soros, a prominent senior CFR member, attacked the Thai Baht. From it’s peg at 25 Baht to 1 USD, it sank to 56 Baht to 1 USD, a vast proportion of the economy collapsed and the Thai economy was in dire crisis.

The rest went according to the routine plan of the IMF and World Bank, which 51% is owned by the US Treasury controlled by the Zionist Bankers, as Joseph Stiglitz, former chairman of the US president’s (Bill Clinton) Council of Economic Advisers, former Chief Economist of World Bank, exposed to The Observer and Newsweek after secret documents had leaked out of World Bank.. The 4-step programme, otherwise known as the 4 steps to damnation, to obtain financial aid, a contract must be signed whereby the country must agree to (a) Privatization – agree to sell off key assets such as water, electricity, oil and gas (b) Capital Market Liberalisation – allow investment capital to flow in and out freely, where most are said to flow out (c) Market-based pricing – ‘a fancy term for raising prices on food, water and cooking gas’ (d) Free Trade – according to the rules of WTO and World Bank.

Stiglitz mentioned clearly in the interview that most politicians were not reluctant to sign the agreement due to (a) The World Bank IMF can order a financial blockage if it did not receive cooperation (b) The politicians were eager to sell off their water, electricity, oil and gas and ‘You can see their eyes widen at the possibility of commissions for shaving a few billion off the sale price.’ which, of course, they would claim that they were forced to do by World Bank.

What followed was the legislation of the 11 laws, laws to allow and protect the auctioneers putting Thailand on sale, where Thai assets were ‘auctioned’ off in a rather fixed manner at one fifth of the real value of the assets, and the privatization of Thailand’s oil and gas companies. It is highly visible, that whether in the case of giving national territory away or the process of privatization, the process would be carried on through more than one or two governments, after one government sets the play up, another would execute, all pointing to teamwork of theatrical of collaboration where no one would have to take the full responsibility. In the case of passing the legislation putting the country on sale, the faction that passed it claim that the it was initiated by the previous government, but one can clearly see favours returned, such as the position as the director-general of WTO, which was granted to its own member.

Thus, by creating debt, currency attacks, threats and briberization to all factions of power, who all collaborated in selling out their own country, Zionist Bankers, their mega-banks such as JP Morgan Chase, BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity have come to take over Thai oil and gas companies, banks and financial institutes from Thai people, and the process is advancing monstrously today under the junta, as is reported on the news.

(3) Application of the ‘Divide and Rule’ strategy to Thailand in order to make further conquest, pulling strings behind politicians on all sides of the ongoing colour shirts conflict, manipulating division between Thai people among themselves

It is evident that which ever faction, by whatever means of entry, that come into power, all have collaborated with the Zionist Bankers in selling out Thailand, with commission, both in Thailand’s resources and privatization as the connecting point, whereby the Zionist Bankers are able to control and pull strings all factions.

The application of the ‘Divide and Rule’ strategy can be seen all around the world, whereby Zionist Bankers would manipulate their prey to fight one another, sometimes arming both sides, to destroy immunity provided by the unity of the nation, by which, after creating a division, they can easily slip in the crack and make further conquest.

The division, the conflict of colour-shirts in Thailand, was created, is funded and supported, by Zionist Bankers on both sides of the political factions. As already established that all the political factions are all collaborates for commission in selling the country, the Zionist Bankers are again behind them pulling strings on both sides, by which they manipulate the people of Thailand to rise up and hate, fight one another, unaware of what is actually going on. 

Clear evidence shows that (a) Robert Blackville, CFR Member, Henry Kissinger’s fellow for US foreign policy, from Barbour Griffif & Rogers (CFR) (b) Keneth Adelman, CFR Member, former US ambassador to the UN from Baker & Botts (CFR) (c) Robert Amsterdam from Amsterdam & Peroff (Chatham House) have all acted as lobbyist for a former Thai politician, who is in self- exile in Dubai, and are behind the Red Shirt movement, and that the NED has been heavily funding Red Shirt websites. The truth is, the politician in self-exile is merely a puppet whose strings are pulled by Zionist Bankers, which without the support of, he would not be able to do such things.

As to the other political powers, by which ever method of entry, who advertise and claim to be protectors of important Thai institutions and wave anti-corruption campaigns, in reality, are no less corrupt and fraudulent, with their wishes for commission in oil and gas, commission in privatization, they are of course part of the string pulling of the Zionist Bankers. Whereby the US, the right arm of the Zionist Bankers are behind one faction, the left arm, is apparently acting that it supports otherwise.

So, hereby, I declare that I hold nothing against the people of any nation, whether they be American or Jewish or any other nationality. What I am against is the act of taking advantage, bullying, looting resources, stealing land and destroying other nations which Zionist Bankers are doing all around the world. Therefore, since I am clearly not, I have no need to be concerned at all by you referring to me as racist. But, as I can see, I see no prison camp on this world as cruel and gruesome as a place called Gaza, and as long as your country is still engaged in the genocide of the Palestinians as you are doing, how dare you call anyone a racist? Please take a look at yourself before you call other people things. The behaviour of screaming out that one is the victim, the prey of someone’s doing, to protect oneself, when in reality, one is the aggressor, do you not think that that behaviour is pathetic?

Whatever people of whatever nation, they desire peace and happiness, they desire their own sovereignty, they desire to decide their own future, they desire that their assets and resources are managed in the way which would give them benefits as they rightfully deserve, they don’t desire for their territory to be taken away from them. But in Thailand, by the string pulling behind the scene, by briberization of the those in power of all sides who are willing to sell their country, by the control of the media, by manipulation of the people, of which Zionist Bankers are behind, Thai people, instead of living in peace loving one another, instead of receiving benefits from their resources and assets, instead of receiving quality health care and education, instead of living quality life which they deserve, they are hating and fighting one another, they are living as slaves to the Zionist Bankers, slaves who are divided and are fighting among themselves instead of harmonizing to achieve their freedom, because they have been, through unawareness, mislead by different scheming lying greedy power hungry people, who are all in essence all doing it all for their own benefits, under control of the same master, the Zionist Bankers.

I, therefore, have a necessity to show the truth, the whole picture of the truth, the absolute truth. Whereby, when the people of Thailand awaken to the truth, they will be free from being slaves who fight one another, they will be in harmony loving one another. For this, the awakening of the people, is the one and only thing that will save this nation of the Thais.

Yours Sincerely,’

M.L.Roonguna Kitiyak

Descendent of 19th-century King Rama V of Thailand. 

Published in many Thai media outlets. 

Source: Thai Tribune

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