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“The United States not only possesses deadly weapons of mass destruction… but also is attempting to use them in actual warfare against (North Korea),” Pyongyang’s UN Ambassador Ja Song Nam wrote in a letter to the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

This move from the North Korean Representative to the United Nations is coming days after the U.S. Had admitted Anthrax samples shipments to South Korea and many other countries all over the world. 

Though the North Korean accusations are not new, tracing back to the Korean War (1950-1952) when the U.S. actually used biological weapons against the North Koreans, U.S. Officials laughed off the allegations. 

In October 2001 and following the attacks of September, Anthrax samples were sent by mail to the Congress, the Department of Defence, the White House and many media headquarters to create fear and psychosis among the U.S. Public opinion. Both Al-Qaida and the Israeli Mossad (intel agency) were accused to be responsible for that threat. The file was unexpectedly closed. 

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