Ionic engines or thrusters will not break the current stagnation in outer space exploration.Ion thrusters use electrostatics as ions are accelerated by the Coulomb force along an electric field.

China and Russia special joint task force achieved a breakthrough when their best experts managed to decrypt the top-secret files stolen by Edward Snowden. 

In 2013, Edward Snowden stated that ‘ no intelligence service [in the world]-not even the plethora of US agencies-has the capacity to do so’. 

Undoubtedly, the last hacking of all US networks by a bunch of Chinese hackers must have helped the special joint task force to crack the databases. 

As a first result of this, Britain is evacuating in a hurry all its spies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao and Belarus. 

This world of ours is definitely a lovely place to live in: We are in the middle of  a hybrid World War 3 while no media would acknowledge that so as to keep the slaves just watch junk TV programs and pay higher taxes for the sake of the new order of warmongers.

2 thoughts on “Snowden files Decrypted

  1. Mouais ça me parait pas crédible du tout : depuis quand les Anglais (en conférence de presse en plus) se vantent d’être compromis, si ce n’est pour tirer dans les pattes de Snowden ?

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