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Any targets threatening Russian forces in Syria must be immediately destroyed – Putin

[Editor’s Note:

One has to read between the lines in this “threatening Russian forces…must be immediately destroyed” statement. Putin is sending a message to those countries that have Special Ops teams in Syria trying to kill or kidnap Russian advisors and troops, that there will be no “after the fact” discussions about the matter.

He is ordering his forces to kill them on the spot or even in the planning stage, or really…for being in Syria to kill Russian forces. Such threats are never made directly.

To all the Blackwater type contractors that we know are in Syria, this means that Russian Spetsnaz will be hunting them down pre-emptively, and with all the modern high-tech tools available to assist them, which of course they have a perfect right to do,

Usually even serving US Special ops people would be out of uniform for such work, which can make for some unfortunate incidents. Certainly some have already been killed in the over 4000 bombing sorties by the Russian anti-terror effort. For those killed some cover story has to be given to their families, as they would never be told they were killed in an anti-terrorism operation…for being terrorists.

Welcome to the nasty world we live it. But that said, there is no shortage of people, active duty or veteran contractors willing to do this kind of work, not only for the money but for polishing up their resumes for “independent work”.

While there has been a lot of coverage on the threat that returning jihadis can bring to their home countries, there is no discussion of the flip side of that coin…Western, and usually Anglo special ops peopleJim W. Dean ]

Excerpt from an article by Jim. W. Dean, Managing Editor of Veteran Today

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