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How Tunisia Got Transformed into a Major Exporter of Jihadists?


The terrorist attack on the Christmas fair in Berlin that occurred on December 19, resulted in government officials pledging their commitment to the speedy deportation of failed asylum seekers, since the attacker was a Tunisian migrant. Tunisians have been treated extremely cautiously in Europe recently and at this stage it’s imperative for us to understand why. 

Why Tunisia, which was believed to be the most advanced democracy in the whole Arab world is now perceived as a major exporter of jihadists?

Six years ago, in December 2010, a 26-year-old street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in front of the Sidi Bouzid town hall to protest the injustice of the police harassment he was subjected to. This suicide shook the very foundation of the country and led to a massive civilian unrest that would force President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to resign and flee abroad. This second “Jasmine Revolution” marked the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring”, which affected a large number of Middle Eastern and Northern African states.

One of the main driving forces of the Tunisian “Jasmine Revolution” was the youth. Back in the day, more than 60% of all unemployed in Tunisia were young men and women, who became a burden for their families after receiving an expensive education, yet they were forced to sit indoors without a chance of getting employed.

After the initial success of the second “Jasmine Revolution”, many would like to export their revolutionary euphoria in other Arab countries. However, it would be a mistake to claim that they were guided by religious considerations, since most of those young revolutionaries were radicalized abroad.

As the years passed, the results of the revolution were nowhere to be found and little changed in the day to day lives of the Tunisian population. In the absence of new jobs unemployment got much worse, which forced the government in a position when it had no arguments to counter the extremist propaganda that was spreading like cancer across the state. There was nothing to fill the ideological and educational niche and Islamists took full advantage of this fact. If you find yourself in Tunisia one day, you will stumble upon mosque, after mosque, after mosque. This is especially true in rural areas of the country, where there are no clubs for the young, no cultural events or other recreational opportunities.

Unemployment, marginalization and social crisis resulted in the young people being pushed abroad. An educated Tunisian had two times less of a chance to get employed that an uneducated one, since there were no professional jobs in the country. All these factors pushed those young souls right into the jihadi hands.

Abroad, where young Tunisian people tried to find a better future, they were treated with disregard and contempt, especially in Europe. In turn, recruiters from various terrorist organizations were happy to have them, since they are receiving up to 10 thousand dollars for each recruited militant. In addition, the terrorist organizations are providing financial support to the relatives of their jihadi fighters.

Against this background, terrorism quickly became Tunisia’s major problem. In 2015, extremists attacked the National Museum and a hotel in the Sousse resort area, which resulted in almost 60 foreign tourists killed. Later that year, Islamists blew up a bus carrying presidential guards.

The Government of Tunisia has been trying to solve the problem of the radicalization of its youth by purely repressive measures. In the summer of 2015 the Tunisian parliament passed a new anti-terrorism law that would significantly expand the authority of the local security forces. As for the national program for the prevention of radicalization of young people and the rehabilitation of those who have already been recruited by terrorists, it is nowhere to be found.

This resulted in Tunisia getting transformed into a breeding ground for jihadists. The New Yorker would note that between six and seven thousand Tunisians have waged jihad in Syria and Iraq. At least fifteen hundred more have crossed the Libyan border; by some accounts, Tunisians constitute half the jihadis in that failed state. As many as seven hundred have returned home, and the government claims to have prevented sixteen thousand from embarking on jihad.

Local security experts are afraid that Tunisia can soon be transformed into a second Somalie, as an ever increasing number of battle hardened jihadists are returning home now. It’s been reported that Tunisian jihadis have developed a reputation for being involved in extreme violence. In Iraq, they, along with other North Africans, have been known for volunteering to become suicide bombers.

The history of Tunisia – is a tragedy of secularism being induced from the top, and the poisonous Islamism, sprouting from the bottom. Religious education in Tunisia is compulsory, but there’s little depth to it. In the absence of true understanding of Islam, young people are quickly being tricked by Islamists in following their evil ways. Most Tunisians don’t know any other thing about Islam, other than washing their hands before praying.

What’s even worse is that with the way digital technology has transformed dissemination of information and culture, it is no longer practical to claim that certain behaviours or events are external, simply because they originated in other parts of the world. It’s been noted that the post-al-Qaida terrorism takes up the shape of its host and consumes it inside out. It is no longer an entirely external problem, and face-to-face confrontation will not suffice.

Martin Berger

Neo Eastern Outlook

Duterte Calls 3 Out of 5 Americans ‘Idiots’, Threatens to ‘Burn Down’ UN Building

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said that Americans should just ‘shut up’.

“The problem with these white people, these American blockheads, is that three out of five of them are idiots, and only two are in their right minds,” he said in reaction to US’ threats of cutting aid to the Philippines over the ongoing drug war.

“You Americans should just shut up. If you are destroying my country, I will kill you,” Duterte reportedly said on Thursday (22 December) during an event at his official residence, the Malacañang Palace, ABSCBN News reported.

The president also hurled abuses at UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, calling him an “idiot” and a “son of a b****”, and threatened to burn down the United Nations building in New York.

His firebrand remarks came after Hussein said earlier in the week that he would call for a probe into Duterte’s admissions of killing criminals during his mayoral term.

“You go and file a complaint in the United Nations. I will burn down the United Nations if you want. I will burn it down if I go to America,” Duterte said, adding that he will “whack in the head” any UN observer who would investigate the extrajudicial killings of drug suspects under his “war against illegal drugs”, reported.

According to the Philippines Star, Duterte also explained that he does not endorse extrajudicial killings. He also said that there was no crime in threatening to kill criminals and drug lords.

“We do not kill our own fellowmen. Of course it hurts to see a Filipino die in front of you. Of course it is despicable,” Duterte added.

Meanwhile, Filipino Senator Panfilo Lacson came out in defence of the president, saying Hussein should first study the Philippine constitution and laws before making suggestions.

“Apparently, the UN rights chief is not familiar with, first, our President enjoys immunity from suit during his term.

“Second, no matter how many times a person in our country admits having committed murder, as long as there is no other evidence to corroborate his extrajudicial confession, the case cannot stand in any court of law,” he reportedly said.

Lacson also said the UN official can “shout to high heavens to investigate the President but unfortunately for him, he can’t get past that call”.


Daech se met aux prévisions de fin d’année 

Madame Soleil:

L’organisation terroriste Daech sur les pas de Madame Soleil: lors d’un prêche virulent tenu vendredi à l’Ouest de la grande ville irakiennes de Mossoul, un dirigeant de Daech prévoit un évènement considerable dans la région du Golfe arabo-persique pour l’année 2017. Est-ce une menace a l’égard de l’Arabie Saoudite?  En attendant, la petite lune de miel entre Daech et une faction des services de renseignement turcs est bel et bien finie. 

Le Tyran d’Ankara:

C’est désormais l’épithète collé par Daech au président turc Tayep Réception Erdogan. À Mossoul, les propagandistes de l’organisation n’y vont pas de main morte quand il s’agit de vouer la Turquie aux 1001 gémonies de l’enfer. 

Retournement spectaculaire de situation ou changement d’alliances interposées, voilà que Daech menace maintenant d’anéantir l’armée turque dans un océan de flammes. Plus étonnant est l’usage du terme technique arabe طاغية signifiant Tyran dans l’acception qu’avait adopté l’historiographie musulmane pour qualifier les empereurs Commode, Claude, Decius et Julien. Daech l’utilise desormais pour Erdogan. 

À Al-Bab, Daech promet la géhenne aux turcs apostats. Et pourtant, il y a un an à peine, les turcs soustraitaient pour les britanniques et les français l’infiltration et l’exfiltration de leurs “djihadistes”en Syrie et en Irak, recrutés des banlieues des grandes villes d’Europe…Comme le monde change! 

Graine de terroriste

Il faudra effectuer de sérieuses études sociologiques pour déterminer pourquoi la Tunisie est subitement devenue le plus grand fourvoyeur de combattants pour Daech après 2011. Les explications mettant en exergue l’influence du capitalisme ou du Bourguibisme sur la radicalisation ultra-violente d’un nombre assez élevé de  jeunes tunisiens ne tiennent pas vraiment la route. D’autant plus qu’ils ne sont pas encadrés par les services de renseignement occidentaux comme le sont la plupart des marocains se battant en Syrie.  

Le cas d’Anis Amri ou Al-Amri, 23 ans, le chauffard kamikaze de Berlin est assez typique. Ce jeune avait traversé la méditerranée après la révolution de janvier 2011 pour se retrouver en Europe avant de se radicaliser et passer à l’acte au nom de Daech. S’il n’avait pas été abattu a Milan, il aurait pu remercier lex-president français Nicolas Sarkozy et son successeur. C’est grâce à eux que plus de 3.7 millions de personnes ont pu rentrer illégalement en Europe depuis ce que l’on a appelé le “Printemps Arabe”. 

Médias occidentaux et pétrodollars

Le journalisme d’investigation est mort depuis un bon bout de temps. Comment expliquer l’hystérie collective des médias atlantistes pendant et avant la reprise d’Alep par le gouvernement syrien et ses alliés? Les pétrodollars. Qatar en tête, suivi des Emirats Arabes Unis et le royaume saoudien. La soupe! Tous les grands médias y ont touché. En réalité, ils vivent de cela. 

C’est la définition de la pleureuse professionnelle de la tradition juive sépharade d’Afrique du Nord, toujours très vivace.

Terrible loss: 64 members of world-renowned Alexandrov army band missing in Tu-154 crash (VIDEO)

Most of the passengers on the Tu-154 plane that crashed after take-off from Sochi were members of the world-famous Alexandrov army choir, en route to Syria to perform at the Latakia / Hmeymim airbase for a New Year concert.

All members of the Alexandrov Ensemble choir, except for three lead vocalists, were on board the Tu-154 plane that crashed shortly after take-off in Sochi, Vadim Ananiev, a lead vocalist from the choir, told TASS.

Valery Halilov, the head of the Alexandrov Ensemble, the famous army choir of the Russian armed forces, and 64 of its members were on board of the Russian Tu-154 aircraft that crashed into the Black Sea on Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry press service said Sunday.

The list also includes Anton Gubankov, the chief of the Directorate of Culture of the Russian Defense Ministry, and prominent Russian humanitarian activist Elizaveta Glinka, the head of Spravedlivaya Pomoshch (Fair Aid) charity, according to the ministry.

Nine Russian journalists and two civil servants were also on board of the plane. Russia’s Channel One, NTV and Zvezda broadcaster have confirmed that their journalists were among the passengers of the aircraft.

Fragments of the plane were discovered off the shore of Sochi.

According to the Defense Ministry, the crashed Tu-154 was flown by Roman Volkov, a seasoned First Class pilot with an impressive track record of over 3,000 hours spent in the air.

Yuri Sytnik, a Merited Pilot of Russia and a member of the presidential commission on civil aviation, said that everything was possible, including a mid-air collision with a “foreign object,” but added that even then the pilots would have enough time to inform the airport tower about the mishap.

“The Tu-154 is a highly reliable plane, even though it is not the easiest one to fly. In this case the pilot was a real ace and if even he failed to prevent the disaster, then something extraordinary must have happened,” Sytnik said.

He added that even though the Tu-154 was 33 years old, it had been used very sparingly and was very well maintained too. He didn’t think that there could have been an explosion on board because it would have been noticed from the shore.

Meanwhile, officials ruleed out a possible terrorist attack. Viktor Ozerov, head of the Federation Council’s Defense Committee said the crash could have been caused by a technical malfunction or pilot error, but excluded a terrorist act, arguing that the plane was operated by the military.

“I totally exclude the idea of an attack bringing down the plane,” Ozerov told RIA Novosti.

His opinion was echoed by first deputy head of the State Duma’s Defense Committee Andrei Krasov, who likewise ruled out terrorism as the possible cause of the crash.

“I think that something extraordinary must have happened. I just can’t figure out how anything like this could happen to a plane operated by the Defense Ministry. No, this is impossible,” Krasov told RIA.

Veteran test pilot Yuri Vashchuk downplayed the possibility of a technical mishap on board the crashed airliner.

“It must take some really extraordinary situation to cause the simultaneous shutdown of all the three engines. The failure of even one engine is already critical, but I still don’t think that it could lead to a catastrophe,” he said.

The Alexandrov Ensemble, the official choir of the Russian Armed Forces, has earned a place in the music pantheon thanks to an immensely rich and varied repertoire that includes more than 2,000 numbers – from Soviet and folk songs, to famous rock ballads, including Freddie Mercury’s greatest hits.




La troisiéme guerre mondiale est au pas de nos portes

Ce ne serait pas une guerre opposant des armées avec l’emploi des fleurons de la technologie de défense, mais une guerre menée par des individus à l’échelon internationale. Ce qui s’est produit à Berlin, en Turquie entre autres n’est qu’un préambule aux actes plus denses et plus meurtrières qui vont foisonner ignorant toutes les frontières réelles et imaginaires.

Cette guerre va sans aucun doute mettre à rude épreuve tous les systèmes sécuritaires étatiques car son non n’est pas connu et ses acteurs absents physiquement du champ de bataille. Elle sera menée par tous les terroristes qu’on avait formés.

En effet, il faut imaginer ce qui arriverait quand tous les centres du conflit localisés au Moyen Orient auront fermé leur porte licenciant ainsi des dizaines de milliers de volontaires habitués à vivoter autour des cendres et des cadavres calcinés. Quelle serait leur source de revenus? Bien sur le marché de l’emploi pourrait garder quelques uns pour des missions appropriées mais pas l’ensemble.Le reste sera obligé de se  munir de son baton de pélerin et d’errer sans identité ni repères. Quelques uns sauront trouver quelques petits jobs payés en noir et dans des conditions dangereuse. Mais globalement la majorité naviguera à la dérive lâchant son “lest” sur chaque monticule rencontré. Coupée du monde, déracinée, elle n’hésitera pas à commettre cette fois ci des actes réellement terroristes.  Les causes n’y manquent pas: Endoctrinent abusif, défection des parrains aprés fin ou ou échec de la mission, encouragement pour défendre une cause avérée non légitime etc…

Ce lâchage conduirait inéluctablement à la vengeance sous toutes ses formes. Il est à prévoir que plusieurs attentats vont toucher presque tous les pays qui ont conduit ces malheureux à une impasse. On sait qu’un seul acte terroriste mobilise des centaines des forces de l’ordre, provoque des réunions gouvernementaux, débouchent sur des reléves et des démissions en sus d’une propagation d’anxiété auprés de la population civile. Que se passera-t-il si des actes similaires se produiront simultanément dans plusieurs endroits d’un méme pays. Que se passera-t-il si ces actes toucheront dans la méme journée plusieurs pays? Et que se passera-t-il enfin que ces actes se répéteront le jour d’aprés ou la semaine qui suit avec une amplitude croissante?

N’est ce pas une guerre mondiale caractérisée par l’absence totale des armées sur le champ de bataille?

Syrie: l’armée turque a perdu dix chars LEOPARD 2A4 et un char M-60T à l’ouest d’Al-Bab


Le moral des forces armées turques semble au plus bas depuis le putsch manqué contre Erdogan. 

Intervenant aux côté de ce qui reste de l’armée syrienne libre (ASL), les forces turques ont essuyé des pertes significatives en tentant de prendre d’assaut la localité d’Al-Bab, sous contrôle de Daech, à l’extrême Nord de la Syrie. 

En l’espace de trois jours, les turcs ont perdu 10 chars de type Leopard 2A4 de fabrication allemande et un char M-60T de fabrication US ainsi que d’autres véhicules blindés. 

Les pertes en chars M-60 seraient bien plus importantes. 

La plupart des chars turcs détruits ont été touchés par des missiles antichar (Kornet, Konkurs, Tow)

Les pertes humaines des forces armées turques demeurent un secret défense mais d’après le bilan très lourd des pertes subies par les rebelles alliés de la Turquie à Al-Bab (estimations variant entre 70 et 110 KIA),  il semble que les militaires turcs  aient enregistré bien plus de pertes que ce que leur état-major avait prévu.

Personne ne s’est attendu à une telle débâcle. Sur la photographie prise par les terroristes de Daech, un char Leopard 2A4 et un bulldozer de l’armée turque, capturés par Daech. En premier plan, ce qui reste de l’armée syrienne libre (ASL) et d’une unité militaire turque.   

Pour Duterte, le Haut-commissaire de l’Onu aux droits de l’homme est un «idiot»

Le président philippin n’aime décidément pas qu’on lui donne des ordres, surtout venus de personnalités étrangères très éloignées de la réalité de son pays. De ce pas, voilà que Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein devient sa nouvelle «victime».

Le président Rodrigo Duterte a qualifié d’« idiot » le Haut-commissaire des Nations unies aux droits de l’homme Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, car celui-ci avait proposé d’ouvrir une enquête après les allégations du dirigeant philippin sur les meurtres qu’il avait commis dans le passé, selon les médias.

« Ce gars (Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, ndlr) est soit moqueur, soit fou… Toi, idiot, ne me dit pas ce que je dois faire… Qui te l’a permis ? », a lancé Rodrigo Duterte lors d’une émission télévisée.

Auparavant, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein avait demandé à Manille d’entamer une enquête après les déclarations du président philippin concernant des meurtres, qu’il avait commis dans le passé, contre des personnes suspectées d’être impliquées dans des affaires de stupéfiants. À l’époque où il était maire de la ville de Davao, M. Duterte patrouillait les rues pour faire de « rencontres mortelles » des exemples pour les forces de l’ordre locales.

Après être devenu président, Duterte a même promis une médaille à ses citoyens pour tout assassinat d’un trafiquant de drogues. En outre, il s’est déclaré prêt à rétablir la peine de mort. Durant sa présidence, environ 3 000 personnes qui auraient pu être liées aux stupéfiants ont été tuées.

En savoir plus:

Philippines watchdog to probe Duterte killing claims after UN calls for investigation

The Philippines’ independent human rights watchdog says it will investigate President Rodrigo Duterte’s admission that he killed three suspected criminals while he was mayor of Davao, after the UN’s human rights chief called for a murder probe.

The chief of the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights, Jose Gascon, said he has formed a team of investigators to look into the matter.

He went on to state that the commission has “reconstituted a team to further investigate” allegations that, while serving as mayor of Davao, Duterte ran death squads that killed more than 1,000 petty criminals. The commission had previously looked into the matter, but did not file any criminal charges.

Gascon’s remarks come just a day after the UN’s high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, said that Duterte should be investigated for murder

“The killings committed by Mr. Duterte, by his own admission… clearly constitute murder,” Hussein said in a statement on Wednesday. “It should be unthinkable for any functioning judicial system not to launch investigative and judicial proceedings when someone has openly admitted being a killer,” he added.

Duterte first said that he had killed at least three men suspected of kidnapping and rape in Davao in 2015, the year before he was elected president.

The president repeated the claim that he had “personally” killed suspected criminals during a speech earlier this month.

“In Davao, I used to do it personally,” he said. “Just to show the guys that, if I can do it, why can’t you?”

Read more:


La mort de l’ambassadeur russe, acte de naissance d’un nouvel empire

Deux incidents majeurs commis à l’encontre de la Russie par la Turquie et puis sur son territoire . Le premier se rapporte à l’abattement du bombardier russe SUKHOI , le deuxiéme est relatif à l’assassinat de l’ambassadeur russe en Turquie.. On abordera le probléme non sur le mode de recherches et investigations comme j’ai coutume de le faire dans pareilles circonstances (voir les dessous de la destruction du bombardier russe) mais sur la base de réflexions mettant en rapport les deux incidents.

Pour le premier, il était clair que le gouvernement d’Ankara avait encore espoir d’étre acceptée au sein de l’Union Européenne en tant que membre à part entiére bénéficiant de son ouverture démocratique et comptant sur les appuis des EU grâce à sa position stratégique dans la région  exploitée par l’OTAN dont elle fait partie. Les risques étaient calculées en fonction de ces données.

La Russie,de sa part, consciente d’une escalade dont les modalités seront régies par les actes constitutifs de l’Organisation Armée a préféré jouer sur les sanctions économiques sans pour autant atteindre le rappel de l’ambassadeur accrédité et le renvoi de son homologue vers son pays ce qui signifierait une rupture diplomatique entre les deux nations .

La vision d’Ankara allait radicalement changer envers certains pays Occidentaux en particulier les USA lors du coup d’Etat avorté, puis du refus de l’UE d’accepter son adhésion. A ce moment là, le changement d’alliance lui a paru comme une juste mesure pour exprimer son appréhension envers le bloc du Nord. Des rapprochements significatifs ont été observés surtout dans l’entente pour résoudre le probléme syriens. Notons que cette entente inclut aussi l’Iran pays concurrent d’Ankara.

Cette coalition impliquant des pays forts proches des zones de conflit et par conséquent aptes à peser de leur poids quel que soit en Irak, en Syrie ou au Yémen n’est pas de nature à contenter les occidentaux qui vont essayer par tous les moyens à en briser homogénéité.

La solution a été trouvée dans l’assassinat du diplomate russe en Turquie.

Mais ce meurtre était improductif. Au lieu de déclencher une hostilité entre les deux pays, il a au contraire contribué à attirer davantage de sympathie truque dans un pays lui même victime de terrorisme.

Il est à prévoir qu’une nouvelle carte géopolitique est en train de se dessiner. La réalité de l’histoire reste un facteur invincible contre toute machination ourdie par des groupes de particuliers en vue de changer un devenir commandé par des synergies aux probabilités insaisissables.


Obama’s departing gift to the “Syrian rebels”

“Every now and then we are told about the supply of weapons from the West, particularly the US, to the “Syrian rebels.” Yes, there is nothing new about it. What, however, is strange and self-contradictory is how the whole Syrian conflict continues to be projected as a “civil war”, being fought by the “rebels” who have been receiving, and continue to receive, foreign military support from the US and Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. A logical question, therefore, is: how “civil” this conflict is when the “rebels” are not exclusively Syrians and are receiving training and weapons from the West and its allies? The US president Barak Obama’s most recent announcement about lifting the previously imposed restrictions on the supply of (sophisticated) weapons to the “Syrian rebels” not only glaringly shows the true nature of the conflict as a foreign imposed, but also sheds light on the American establishment’s obsession with imposing regime change in Syria regardless of the human cost.

This announcement is nothing short of a departing gift by the US president to the “rebels” who have lost most of the territory they had under their control until a year ago. Should this decision be called a potentially positive step towards resolution of the conflict? We would call it this way if we too were impressed by Obama’s rhetoric. What this step really appears to be is a repetition of the past mistakes the US has committed in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq and goes well into the direction of causing more devastation.

According to the decision, the waived sections of the law will allow the US to provide “defence articles and services” to forces within Syria allied to the US, the White House said on Thursday December 8, 2016, a decision which the White House said is “essential to national-security interests” of the US.

While such a decision was taken in 2013too, what makes this announcement different from the past is the (deliberately inserted) vagueness, allowing for wider interpretations in multiple ways based on what group the US identifies as a terrorist threat. According to the statement, “foreign forces, irregular forces, groups, or individuals” will receive these weapons to ‘counter terrorism in Syria.’

While the mainstream Western media has identified Kurds as the potential beneficiaries of this announcement currently fighting the IS in and around Raqqa, this decision, if not cancelled by the Trump administration, will have larger implications, particularly in terms of prolonging and complicating the war.

Thus ruling out the possibility of co-operation with Russia and over Syria over fighting IS, Obama’s decision to bolster the “rebels” appears to be as much of an attempt at “rescuing” these groups from the Trump administration as from the Syrian forces who, according to the latest reports, have already established control over 80 per cent of Aleppo.

With every Syrian district falling to the Syrian forces, it is becoming evident that the regime forces will be able to establish their control on most of Syria in the months ahead. While this would imply a defeat for the “rebels”, this scenario, as the Obama administration apprehends, might also present the Trump administration with a fait accompli in Syria and force the new president to embark upon a policy of abandoning the assets the US has established.

Hence, as the Washington Post reported in a recent story, John Kerry’s quiet mission to strike a deal with Russia to pre-empt Trump’s different approach.

While Donald Trump has repeatedly stated about the need to co-operate with Russia and Syria to fight the Islamic State, a different kind of deal that Kerry might be ready to offer would restrict co-operation to just one city: Aleppo. The bigger question of fighting terrorism would remain unresolved and the recently announced supply of weapons to the “rebels” (who are terrorists for Syria) would potentially keep the conflict very much alive.

Let’s call a spade a spade. There is nothing new in the newly announced decision. This is potentially what the US has been doing for years. Being yet another step in the direction of protecting (read: John Kerry’s deal) and arming (read: waiver decision) “rebels”, the US is deliberately encouraging armed groups in Syria, regardless of what these groups call themselves.

They are groups who fight alongside Al Qaeda-affiliated forces and some of whom are reportedly willing to join Al- Qaeda in the wake of their defeat in Aleppo. Will not then the US, rather than Russia or Syria as Washington wants us to believe, stand accused of committing crimes in Syria?

Needless to say, the Nobel peace laurate’s decision to provide more advanced and sophisticated weapons to proxy groups in Syria has neither received condemnation from its allies in Europe or the Middle East nor invoked criticism from within the US for supporting “rebels” who are radical enough to become another Islamic State in Syria, cause more physical devastation and endanger more lives. Still, the West speaks of a humanitarian crisis as if it was the making of some alien forces.”

Salman Rafi Sheikh, research-analyst of International Relations and Pakistan’s foreign and domestic affairs, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


Syrian Government to Deliver 30,000 Housing Units Early 2017

“If any other country witnessed a shred of what Syria has witnessed it would collapse and give up. But the resilient Syrian State not only kept holding itself, it’s rebuilding and building already.

Housing in Syria was a challenge before just like with every other country on the planet, even the wealthiest ones, but Syrians have come up with a solution that combines both public and private sectors long time ago and came up with social housing plans that would deliver affordable housing to the middle class on installments away from the banks, and payments were linked to construction.

Subsidizing the building material was another task the government took on its shoulders to keep the prices at a level of much less than 1/5th of the cheapest in neighboring countries. The government also created public companies under the Public Housing Establishment and the Military Housing Establishment for public sold houses, and private developers for other housing units.

Mr. Abdul Qader al-Hassan, member of the Central Contractors Union in Syria, stated that “the Syrian Government is planning to hand over 30,000 ready to move in residential units during the first quarter of 2017, and to build 25,000 units more in its plan for rebuilding.” Thousands of houses have been affected after the devastating Western and regional sponsored war of terror against Syria.

Mr. al-Hassan added, according to Al Iqtisadi website, that the (Contractors) Union is planning to convert all production stages of building materials into completely automated processes to achieve savings in cost and increase in production. He revealed a number of negotiations taking place by foreign companies to construct residential buildings in the country, among them are Indian companies, and mentioned that a delegation headed by the Syrian Minister of Public Works and Housing will visit India soon to agree on a number of construction projects in Damascus Countryside and other provinces in Syria to provide housing for workers in the public sector in Syria.

Syria’s Public Housing Establishment has declared it spent 5.3 Billion Syrian Liras (approximately US$ 9.6 million) of its 2016 budget of 9 Billion Syrian Liras and has allocated 1,904 houses..

Worth noting that the Syrian Government had confirmed and as recently as last week President Dr. Bashar al-Assad emphasized that companies from countries hostile to the Syrian people during this crisis are not welcomed in Syria and companies from countries that stood beside the Syrian people and their legitimate government and armed forces are favored and welcomed to the reconstruction and investment in all fields in the country.”

Syrian Government to Deliver 30,000 Housing Units Early 2017




Russia infuriated, demands apology: Zuckerman’s Kuntzman

“Russia has demanded an official apology from New York Daily News for publishing an op-ed that openly cheers the terrorist-perpetrated assassination of the country’s ambassador to Turkey.

The spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, expressed her outrage on Facebook, describing the article titled “Don’t cry for Russia’s slain envoy, who was Putin’s lackey,” which was later renamed to“Assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov was not terrorism, but retribution for Vladimir Putin’s war crimes,” as xenophobic and supportive of terrorism.

“We are sending the chief editor [of New York Daily News] a letter demanding an apology,” she stated.

The author of the piece, Gersh Kuntzman, defends the brutal assassination of Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, which was carried out at a public event in Ankara when the ambassador was giving a speech in front of a small crowd of men, women and children.

An Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly known as the Al-Nusra Front, claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Justice has been served” – writes Kuntzman, explaining his twisted logic by drawing comparisons between Putin, Hitler, and the killing of a Nazi German ambassador by a Jewish student in 1938.

Kuntzman also makes war crime accusations against Russia and its President Vladimir Putin, failing, however, just as everyone else who tried before him, to cite any sources or provide even a slightest shred of evidence.

The entire article reeks of Russophobia and xenophobia, it is fake Western journalism at its absolute worst.

The New York Daily News is the fourth-most widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States and has been described as “part of the Democrats-led new McCarthyism.” As of 2014, it is owned and run by Mortimer Zuckerman, a Canadian-born American media proprietor, magazine editor, and investor who previously owned The Atlantic and Fast Company.”

Russia infuriated by New York Daily News op-ed, demands apology



Le monde vu de Damas

Pour le gouvernement syrien, la reprise d’Alep est une grande étape vers la fin de la guerre en Syrie mais la guerre ne se terminera que par l’élimination totale du terrorisme dans le pays. Ce qui veut dire que la guerre continue.

L’offensive de l’organisation terroriste Daech à Palmyre et d’autres localités de la province centrale de Homs vise, selon Damas, à réduire la pression militaire sur le Nord du pays. “Nous reprendrons Palmyre une seconde fois avec le soutien des forces aérospatiales russes” (Assad). Depuis le début de l’intervention russe, les forces aérospatiales russes auraient mené 71 000 frappes en Syrie, selon un communiqué du ministère russe de la défense.

Pour la première fois depuis le début de la guerre en Syrie, le président Assad a nommé les trois pays ayant le plus perdu à Alep: en premier les Etats-Unis d’Amérique, puis vient la France et enfin le Royaume-Uni. Ces trois pays ont tenté d’ameuter le monde en lui faisant croire à un massacre alors qu’ils ne se souciaient que de leurs forces spéciales et autres agents infiltrés auprès des hordes terroristes, pris au piège dans les quartiers-est d’Alep. L’hypocrisie a assez duré.

Pour la présidence syrienne, la libération d’Alep a anéanti le projet des forces terroristes et leurs sponsors occidentaux et arabes. Alep, Homs et Damas sont sous le contrôle des forces gouvernementales. Cela veut dire que l’ennemi n’a plus aucune carte à jouer, car exploiter Deraa au Sud près du Golan comporte trop de risques.


Assad estime que tant que ce grand voisin continuera à être dirigé par un psychopathe, la Syrie ne baissera jamais sa garde et ne s’attendera pas à grand chose du côté d’Ankara. Evoquant les aspirations pacifiques des deux peuples, syrien et turc, Assad martèle que les interventions militaires turques à l’extrême Nord de la Syrie seront contrées par la force. “Si la Turquie essaies de nous envahir, il est tout à fait naturel que nous ne resterons pas les bras croisés…Nous nous défendrons!”

La Turquie mène une offensive militaire d’envergure à l’ouest de la localité d’Al-Bab mais il semble que son armée vient de connaître un désastre sans précédent face à Daech. On évoque la mort au combat de 70 soldats turcs, la capture de deux chars de combat Leopard et un nombre indéterminé de prisonniers. Dans une vidéo de propagande, l’organisation terroriste Daech a mis en scène hier l’exécution par le feu de deux soldats turcs. Des militaires de l’Otan.

Concernant le lâche assassinat de l’ambassadeur de Russie à Ankara, les officiels syriens sont convaincus que cet acte émane de cercles très hostiles à la Russie au sein des forces armées et la police turques.

L’opinion publique en Europe, en Amérique du Nord et en Australie:

Selon le président syrien, “sans la résistance opiniâtre de l’Etat syrien et sans la résistance héroïque et le stoïcisme  des populations de Syrie, l’occidental moyen aurait fini par croire à  la narration mensongère des faits tels que diffusés par la propagande ennemie. La résistance de la Syrie a fait perdre à la propagande adverse sa raison d’être”.

Relations avec l’Occident

Assad: “Nous voulons entretenir des relations avec tous les pays du monde, y compris certains pays occidentaux connus pour leur parti-pri et leur hypocrisie. Néanmoins, les relations entre Etats étant des relations d’intérêts, nous sommes et seront obligés de composer”.


C’est un pays très important pour Damas. “Nous voulons normaliser nos relations. Nous savons que ce pays, l’Egypte, subit des pressions énormes, à la fois de la part de pays occidentaux qui veulent lui dicter une certaine conduite marginale orientée, ou encore de la part de quelques “machins” du Golfe,  lesquels ne sont encore même pas rentrés dans l’histoire et qui exigent d’un pays ayant une très ancienne civilisation de les suivre”.

Damas a démenti que des pilotes égyptiens aient participé aux côtés des pilotes syriens dans les opérations militaires conjointes entre la Russie, l’Iran et la Syrie contre les organisations terroristes soutenues par l’Otan et les pétromonarchies du Golfe arabo-persique.


Pour Assad le Saint Siège est le seul Etat d’Europe occidentale à soutenir ouvertement le gouvernement syrien. A deux reprises, le pape François a transmis en ce mois deux messages de soutien très forts à Damas.

Modèles à étudier:

Le gouvernement syrien a dépêché en urgence plusieurs délégations en République démocratique de Corée pour étudier le modèle du Juche. Damas ne cache plus le renforcement de ses relations bilatérales et surtout militaires avec Pyongyang. Il est à rappeler par ailleurs que Kim Jong-Un suit de très près l’évolution de la situation en Syrie en tant que modèle d’une guerre hybride de nouvelle génération menée par les Etats-Unis contre un pays faible refusant l’hégémonie des puissances de l’argent.



L’assassin de l’Ambassadeur russe à Ankara était affilié à l’organisation terroriste Daech

L’assassin de l’ambassadeur de la fédération de Russie en Turquie, était un membre de l’organisation terroriste de Jabhet Al-Sham (le Front du Levant) et avait fait partie d’une cellule policière spécialisée dans l’infiltration de combattants étrangers en Syrie entre les années 2014 et 2015. Ces opérations entraient dans le cadre des efforts de guerre hybride de l’Otan en vue de propager le chaos en Syrie et y faciliter un changement de regime. 

L’ambassadeur Andrey Karlev à été très  lâchement assassiné lors d’un vernissage à Ankara par Mevlut Mert Altintas, un policier anti-émeute stagiaire de 22 ans, partisan de l’organisation terroriste Daech. Ce dernier aurait suivi un cours specialisé financé par un organisme US dans la théorie du Califat Islamique et comprenait la langue arabe. 

Altintas était en relation avec 14 autres policiers, tous âgés de moins de 25 ans et dont certains sont de très fervents supporters du Salafisme saoudien.  Neuf de ces policiers servaient jusqu’à hier dans des unités de protection rapprochée. 

Kiev et Ryad ont eu toutes les peines du monde à cacher leur joie en apprenant l’assassinat du plénipotentiaire russe à Ankara. 

À Moscou, Vladimir V. Poutine s’entretenait avec Serguei Lavrov, le brillant Chef de la diplomatie russe, quant un officier supérieur se présenta à lui, presque en courant, en lui tendant un pli confidentiel. En apprenant la nouvelle de l’assassinat, Poutine brisa son bureau en insultant Obama et fit voler en éclat une baie vitrée interieure, faisant accourir les gardes. Il s’enferma dans son bureau pour plus d’une demi-heure, refusant tout contact avec le monde extérieur. En y sortant, il ordonna l’envoi de deux avions d’enquêteurs militaires à  Ankara et la mobilisation de 95 avions de combat destinés à raser Al-Riqqa, la capitale autoproclamée de Daech, de la surface du globe.

The NATO campaign against freedom of expression

This is a long story which extends over fifteen years. NATO first attempted to silence those citizens who were trying to discover the truth about the attacks of 11 September 2001. Then it turned on those who contested the oficial version of the «Arab Springs» and the war against Syria. One thing leading to another, it then attacked those who denounced the coup d’état in Ukraine. Now NATO is behind the accusations by a pseudo-NGO that the people who campaigned for Donald Trump are Russian agents.

The attacks of 11 September 2001 were followed by a permanent state of emergency and a series of wars. As I wrote at the time, the theory that they were directed by a group of jihadists from a cave in Afghanistan does not stand up to analysis. On the contrary, everything points to the conclusion that the attack were organised by a faction of the military-industrial complex.

If this analysis is correct, the course of events could only lead to repression in the United States and the Allied states.

Fifteen years later, the wound that I opened is still not shut – in fact the opposite is true, given the events that followed. The «Arab Springs» were added to the Patriot Act and the oil wars which followed. Not only does the majority of the US population no longer believe what the government has been telling it since 9/11, but by voting for Donald Trump, it has expressed its rejection of the post-9/11 system.

It so happens that I opened the debate on 9/11 to the world, that I was part of the last government of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and that I report on the war against Syria from the ground. At first, the US administration thought that they could extinguish the blaze by accusing me of writing contentious rubbish for money, hitting me where they thought it would hurt most, in other words, my wallet. And yet my ideas have never ceased to spread. In October 2004, when 100 US personalities signed a petition demanding the re-opening of the enquiry on the attacks of /9/11, Washington began to worry [1]. In 2005, in Brussels, I gathered more than 150 personalities from all over the world – including Syrian and Russian guests such as the ex-Chief of Staff for the Federation armies, General Leonid Ivashov – to denounce the neo-conservatives, and demonstrate that the problem was becoming global [2].

While during the mandate of Jacques Chirac, the Elysée worried about my safety, in 2007 the Bush administration asked newly-elected President Nicolas Sarkozy to have me physically eliminated. When I was warned by a friend, an officer of the Staff, that Sarkozy’s response had been positive, there was only one way out left to me – exile. My other friends – for thirteen years I had been the national secretary of the Parti Radical de Gauche – stared at me in disbelief, while the Press accused me of spiralling into paranoïa. No-one came publicly to my help. I found refuge in Syria, and travelled the world outside of NATO territory, escaping numerous assassination or kidnap attempts. For the last fifteen years, I have been opening debates which have become generalised. I have always been attacked when I was alone, but when my ideas have been shared, thousands of people have been persecuted for having analysed and developed them.

It was during this same period that Cass Sunstein (husband of US ambassador to the UNO, Samantha Power [3]) wrote a mémoire with Adrian Vermeule for the universities of Chicago and Harvard concerning the struggle against «conspiracy theories» – the name they gave to the movement I had initiated. In the name of the defence of «Liberty» confronted by extremism, the authors defined a programme to annihilate this opposition :

«We can easily imagine a series of possible reponses.
– 1. The government could forbid conspiracy theories.
– 2. The government could impose a sort of tax, financial or other, on those who distribute such theories.
– 3. The government could engage in counter-discussion to discredit conspiracy theories.
– 4. The government could engage credible private parties in a counter-discussion.
– 5. The government could engage in informal communication with third parties and encourage them» [4].

The Obama administration hesitated to publicly choose this path. But in April 2009, at the NATO summit in Strasbourg-Kehl, it proposed to create a «Strategic Communication Service». It also fired Anthony Jones from the White House in 2009, because the famous lawyer had spoken bluntly on the subject [5].

The project for NATO’s Strategic Communication Service slept in boxes until the Latvian government manifested itself. It was finally set up in Riga under the direction of Janis Karklinš – who was also an executive at the UNO World Summit on the Information Society and the Forum on the Governance of the Internet. Conceived by the British, it included participations from Germany, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and the United Kingdom. In the beginning, it limited itself to producing an increasing number of studies.

Everything changed in 2014 when the Khodorkovsky family think tank, the Institute of Modern Russia in New York, published an analysis by journalists Peter Pomerantsev and Michael Weiss [6]. According to their report, Russia had deployed a vast propaganda system abroad. However, rather than presenting themselves in a favourable light, as they had sone during the Cold War, Moscow had allegedly decided to inundate the West with «conspiracy theories» in order to create general confusion. And the authors also specified that these «theories» no longer concerned just 9/11, but also the coverage of the war against Syria.

By seeking to reactivate the anti-Soviet feelings of the Cold War, this report marked a turning-pont in values. Until then, the US ruling class had sought only to mask the crime of 11 September, by accusing a handful of insignificant «beards». From now on, the aim was to accuse a foreign state of being responsible for the crimes committed by Washington in Syria.

In September 2014, the British government created the 77th Brigade, a unit tasked with countering foreign propaganda. It was composed of 440 soldiers plus a thousand civilians from the Foreign Office, including MI6, and the Co-operation and Stabilisation Unit. We do not know what their targets were. This brigade worked with the 361st Civil Affairs Brigade of the US Land Army (based in Germany and Italy). The military units were used to disturb Western Internet sites which were trying to establish the truth about 11 September as well as the war against Syria.

At the start of 2015, Anne Applebaum (wife of the Polish ex-Minister for Defence, Radosław Sikorski), created within the Washington Center for European Policy Analysis a unit called the Information Warfare Initiative [7]. It was originally intended to counter Russian information in Central and Eastern Europe. It entrusted Peter Pomerantsev (mentioned above) with this initiative, as well as Edward Lucas, one of the chief editors of The Economist.

Even though Pomerantsev was both the co-reporter for the Institute of Modern Russia and the assistant chief executive of the Information Warfare Initiative, he no longer mentioned 9/11, and no longer considered the war against Syria to be central, but only as a recurring theme which enabled him to speculate about the actions of the Kremlin. He concentrated his attacks on the TV channel Russia Today and the Press agency Sputnik, two Russian public organisms.

In February 2015, the Fondation Jean-Jaurès, think tank of the French Socialist Party and contact for the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), published in its turn a Note, Conspirationism, state of play [8]. It ignored the developments concerning Russia, and picked up the debate where Cass Sunstein had left it. She recommended, purely and simply, to forbid the «conspiracy theorists» to express themselves. From his side, the Minister of Education organised workshops in schools to warn school-children against these «conspirationists ».

On 19 and 20 March 2015, the European Council asked the High Representative Federica Mogherini to prepare a plan of «strategic communication» to denounce the Russian disinformation campaigns concerning Ukraine. The Council mentioned neither 9/11 nor the war against Syria, and changed targets to concentrate exclusively on the events in Ukraine.

In April 2015, Madame Mogherini created within the European External Action Service (EEAS) a Strategic Communications Unit [9]. She was directed by an agent of the British MI6, Giles Portman. Twice a week, she distributed to a large number of European journalists arguments which were supposed to demonstrate Moscow’s bad faith – arguments which went on to supply the European media with an abundance of fodder.

From its creation, NATO’s Centre of Strategic Communication incorporated a service of the Atlantic Council, the Digital Forensics Research Lab. A Manual of Strategic Communication was drawn up by NATO. It was intended to co-ordinate and replace the old system in terms of Public Diplomacy, Public Relations (Public Affairs), Public Military Relations, Operations on Electronic Communication Systems (Information Operations) and Psychological Operations.

Inspired by NATO, on 23 November 2016, the Polish ex-Minister for Foreign Affairs and now European Deputy, Anna Fotyga, forced through the European Parliament a resolution about «Strategic Communication of the Union aimed at countering propaganda directed against her by third parties» [10]. Once again the target had been displaced – it was no longer a case of countering the dispute over 9/11 (now 15 years old), nor that of the war against Syria, but to create an amalgam between the contesting positions on the events in Ukraine, and Daesh. So we had come full circle – according to NATO, those who contested 9/11 were attempting to rehabilitate al-Qaïda, and those who were playing Russia’s game were attempting to destroy the West, like Daesh. And so what if NATO supports al-Qaïda in East Aleppo?

Launched by a resounding article in the Washington Post, on 24 Novembre 2016 [11], a mysterious group entitled Propaganda or Not? established a list of de 200 Internet sites – including – who were allegedly tasked by the Kremlin with relaying Russian propaganda and intoxicating US public opinion to the point where they elected Donald Trump.

While Propaganda or Not? does not publish the names of its directors, it does indicate that it unites four organisations – Polygraph, The Interpreter, the Center for European Policy Analysis and the Digital Forensic Research Lab.

  • Polygraph is one of the sites of Voice of America, the US public radio and television organisation controlled by the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
  • The Interpreter is a magazine of the Institute of Modern Russia, now broadcast by Voice of America.
  • The Center for European Policy Analysis is a pseudopod of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) directed by Zbigniew Brzeziński and Madeleine Albright.
  • And finally, the Digital Forensic Research Lab is a programme of the Atlantic Council.

In a document distributed by Propaganda or Not?, this pseudo-NGO, born of associations financed by the Obama administration, clearly names its enemy – Russia. It accuses Russia of having been the origin of the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Internet sites supporting Syria and Crimea.

On 2 December 2016, the United States Congress voted a law forbidding all military co-operation between Washington and Moscow. In the space of a few years, NATO has re-activated MacCarthyism.

Thierry Meyssan

Pete Kimberley


La campagne de l’Otan contre la liberté d’expression


Putin: Russian ambassador’s murder provocation aimed at undermining Syria peace process

“This murder is clearly a provocation aimed at undermining the improvement and normalization of Russian-Turkish relations, as well as undermining the peace process in Syria promoted by Russia, Turkey, Iran and other countries interested in settling the conflict in Syria,” Putin said in a statement on Monday evening.

The “only response” to the attack that Moscow “should offer” is “stepping up the fight against terrorism,” the president added.

“The killers will feel it,” Putin said.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has already launched an investigation into the murder, Putin said in his statement, adding that he had held a phone conversation with his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the matter. Russian and Turkish officials will cooperate, Putin added.

“We have to know who organized this killing and gave orders to the assassin,” the Russian leader said.

Meanwhile, Erdogan called the shooting of Russia’s ambassador in Ankara a provocation, aimed at destroying bilateral ties. The Turkish leader “strongly” and “vehemently” condemned the assassination of Andrey Karlov.

“I believe this is an attack on Turkey, the Turkish state and the Turkish people, and also a clear provocation … [in terms of] Turkish-Russian relations. I am sure our Russian friends also see this fact,” Erdogan said. ”Both Turkey and Russia have the will not to be deceived by this provocation.”

The Turkish leader also confirmed the identity of the attacker as 22-year-old Turkish riot police officer Mevlut Mert Altintas.

Erdogan also added that a joint commission with Russia would be established to investigate the murder.

“All the security measures around the Russian embassy and consulate general have been tightened as we agreed with Mr. Putin,” Erdogan noted. “Our relations with Russia are significant … I am calling on those who aim to destroy our relations: You are waiting in vain. You will never reach your goals,” Anadolu reported.
Read more:



Syria Names Foreign Officers Colluding with Terrorists in Aleppo (VIDEO)

The Syrian ambassador names those foreign military and intelligence officers which are surrounded by the Syrian Arab Army in Eastern Aleppo – among them officers of Israeli, Saudi, Turkish, U.S, Jordanian, Moroccan origin. He also says that 80% of the humanitarian efforts in Syria are provided by the Syrian government, but the West use humanitarian reasons as propaganda to protect the terrorists for the purpose of regime change. Speech by Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations. Security Council Media Stakeout, 19 December 2016.


Russian ambassador to Turkey dies after gun attack in Ankara

“The ambassador, Andrey Karlov, was injured after he was about to deliver a speech on the opening of the exhibition “Russia in the eyes of Turks.”

The perpetrator, who was wearing a suit and a tie, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is great’ in Arabic) during the attack, AP reports, citing their own photographer.

The attacker also said several words in Russian, according to the news agency, and damaged several of the photos at the expo.

Turkish NTV broadcaster says that three other people were also injured in the attack on the ambassador.”

The attacker has been killed by Turkish Special Forces, Turkish Anadolu news agency reports. Russian Interfax, citing a source in the Turkish military, also confirms that the gunman was neutralized.

The attacker reportedly identified himself as a police officer as he entered the exhibition, a Turkish military source told Interfax.

“We have information, from one of the witnesses, that the attacker presented himself as a police officer, showing the relevant ID at the entrance. This information is being checked right now,” the source is quoted as saying.”
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L’Ocean Glider UUV capturé par la marine chinoise remis aux américains


Pékin a décidé de rendre aux américains un drone sous-marin déclassifié que sa marine de guerre a capturé en Mer de Chine Méridionale.


Cette affaire cache un détail fort intéressant que très peu de médias peuvent évoquer: les chinois traquaient ce drone submersible depuis un bon bout de temps. C’est au moment ou un navire  US,  le USNS Bowditch T-AGS-62 (4838 tonnes), tentait de récupérer le drone qu’une embarcation rapide lancée d’un navire de guerre chinois de classe Dalang III est vite arrivée à proximité de l’appareil automatisé,  à moins de 500 mètres du navire US, avant que l’équipage chinois ne capture l’Ocean Glider.


USNS Bowditch

Cette manœuvre calculée avait pour objectif de démontrer les capacités de la marine chinoise en matière de traque et de surveillance en  Mer de Chine Méridionale.


La Reprise d’Alep

La Syrie : La reprise d’ Alep

Les prévisions de l’opposition syrienne ainsi que celles de ceux qui les ont toujours soutenus se sont écroulées aux portes d’Alep. Les forces gouvernementales ont réussi à reprendre la ville aux mains des insurgés après plusieurs mois d’affrontements.

Mais cette guerre souléve une contestation quasi unanime auprés de la communauté internationale qui ne s’embarrasse pas des retenues diplomatiques pour endosser toute la responsabilité au régime de M Assad ainsi qu’a sa force armée aussi sanguinaire que celle qui la soutient.

Le but de ce matraquage médiatique n’est nullement destiné à instaurer la démocratie et de protéger le peuple syrien des atrocités ‘’ de son bourreau’’ mais il vise avant tout à éliminer un vecteur nuisible dans la région à l’instar de ceux qui ont été supprimés successivement. La preuve est démontrée par l’évolution rapide dans la situation qui laisse penser à des mains visibles et apparentes fomentant la révolution.

L’évolution de la situation

Les manifestants se sont retrouvés du jour au lendemain en possession d’armes conséquentes pour renverser le régime Assad. Leur nombre circonscrit dans la première phase à quelques centaines d’individus atteint désormais des milliers. Enfin ces opposants unis pour un objectif commun se sont retrouvés divisés en plusieurs factions aux dénominations diverses et aux idéologies disparates disposant d’un arsenal destiné à engager une guerre ouverte contre le régime syrien.

Un plan bien préparé

Ce constat nous permet d’affirmer sans nous tromper que des acteurs extérieurs sont derriére ce soutien. Mais pour quel motif ?

Une lecture des évènements passés nous conduit à la réponse.

-L’invasion de l’Irak sous prétexte de l’existence des armes de destruction massive et la pendaison de son président

-Les troubles fomentés en Libye et l’entrée matinale de l’OTAN ayant conduit au lynchage de son leader

-Enfin les tambours de guerre contre la Syrie sous accusation de l’utilisation des armes chimiques contre la population (voir qui a utilisé les armes chimiques en Syrie)

Avec ces éléments, il parait clairement que le but recherché est d’éradiquer toute trace de la pensée socialiste de la région. Les acteurs actifs sont basés en occident sous la direction des USA avec la collaboration de certains pays arabes.

Sauvé par la Russie

Dans le cas spécifique de la Syrie, les interventions militaires étrangères ont été contrecarrées par la fermeté de la Russie et de la Chine qui se sont opposé très tot contre toute action armée en Syrie. Dés lors, un autre plan  a été conçu : Ce que l’on ne peut obtenir rapidement et directement avec un moyen spécifique on peut l’avoir avec d’autres méthodes. Ainsi, les troubles causés par le printemps arabe allaient ils étre exploités pour renverser le régime Assad. De ce fait, des manifestants pacifiques se sont transformés du jour au lendemain en opposition armée rejetant tout dialogue « avec un régime aux mains salies par le sang ». De leur part, les capitales occidentales et certaines de la région adoptaient un langage unique en dépit des phrases aux formulations différentes : « Assad n’a plus de place en Syrie » « Assad doit partir » « pas de négociations en présence de Assad » En suivant ses multiples déclarations émanant soit des opposants ou de leurs parrains, on peut relever des griefs adressés personnellement au détenteur du pouvoir sans référence aucune aux aspirations du peuple syrien.

De leur coté les médias, ont pris le relais pour dénoncer les offensives des troupes gouvernementales sans mentionner les dégâts causés par l’avancée des insurgés érigeant ainsi leurs conquêtes en victoire et celles du régime en agression.

Le plan de l’Occident allait-il réussir ? Oui. Il était sur le point d’aboutir car les rebelles gagnaient de plus en plus du terrain s’approchant dangereusement de la capitale Damas. Sentant une proche défaite, M Assad avait fait appel à la Russie pour assistance. A partir de cette date j’avais affirmé que la donne allait changer (voir la libération de Palmyre). En effet il n’est plus possible de renverser le régime en présence de la Russie car au delà de l’intérêt que revêt son retour dans la région il y va de son prestige et de son devenir en tant que superpuissance ambitionnant de reconquérir ce qu’elle avait perdu après l’écroulement du mur de Berlin.

Son intervention n’a pas mobilisé les grands moyens pour peser lourdement sur le champ de bataille en dépit de l’installation des missiles S300 et S400 qui ont pour but de détruire des objectifs plus conséquents plutôt qu’un groupe d’individus armés s’abritant dans des agglomérations . Elle a toujours demandé instamment une coordination d’actions avec Washington pour définir les couloirs aériens de l’aviation ainsi que le genre de cibles à traiter. Elle s’est convaincu en dernier ressort que les USA œuvraient à lui compliquer la tache plutôt qu’à chercher une collaboration.

Pendant ce temps, les insurgés perdaient de plus en plus du terrain et se sont retirés des zones occupées mais jugées sans importance stratégiques. Les prévisions tablant sur la défection de l’armée ou une révolte populaire commencent à se brouiller. De même les assurances données à propos d’une victoire imminente ont fini par s’effriter. L’impasse s’est produite à Alep ville que les insurgés comptaient conserver pour longtemps avec certaines extensions. Un constat s’impose : l’apport extérieur est éprouvé par l’efficacité sur le terrain d’un apport rival. Maintenant, il est question de trouver une issue à la population assiégée et les modalités d’évacuation des rebelles. C’est le théme central abordé aujourd’hui par les NU.

A l’instant de l’écriture de cet article, des rapports alarmants font état d’exécutions de civils par les soldats du régime. Ces nouvelles proviennent de différents canaux  sans pour autant constituer une vérité absolue.

Le processus de l’évacuation

L’évacuation des civils serait une tache extrêmement difficile car il s’agit de leur réserver un espace d’accueil, entreprise en dehors de la capacité du gouvernement face à plus d’un demi million de déplacés.

Pour les rebelles, il parait qu’une proposition leur a été faite pour sortir sans armement lourd avec leur famille. Le transfert sera organisé par cars. Ceux qui persistent à résister seront traités en conséquence. Rappelons que la Russie ainsi que le régime ont déjà adressé un ultimatum aux opposants de cesser le combat en contrepartie ils bénéficieront d’une protection pour quitter Alep. Ceux qui  vont à l’encontre de cette offre ne bénéficieront d’aucune indulgence. Ainsi les exécutions rapportées par les médias concernent probablement les rebelles qui ont été capturés. Le verdict est le même partout dans le monde aggravé en outre en temps de guerre.


La situation qui prévaut en Syrie est jugée suivant le nouveau le critère moderne  de ‘’deux poids deux mesures’’. Pendant qu’on poursuit les révolutionnaires Huthis au Yémen qui rejettent la formation d’un gouvernement transitoire après  renversement de l’ex président Salah, on soutient massivement des rebelles qui veulent renverser un régime légalement constitué. Alors qu’on repousse toute représentation des huthis dans les institutions gouvernementales, on légitime celle des opposants syriens.

Il ressort que le conflit attisé en Syrie ne prend aucunement en compte l’aspiration populaire. Il vise clairement à se débarrasser d’un dirigeant qui renferme toujours les génes systémiques du socialisme

Le plan dressé était sur le point de réussir. L’intervention de la Russie l’a avorté. Actuellement ou ultérieurement, Moscou ne lâchera pas M Assad qui lui avait fourni une occasion inespérée de poser pied au Moyen Orient pour prospérer et s’étendre.



Unconfirmed Reports: At Least 10 ‘NATO’ Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo

“Fares Shehabi, prominent Syrian parliamentarian and head of Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce published the names of the NATO officers on his Facebook page on the 15th December (emphasis added):

Moataz Ughhh Lacan Oglu – Turkish
David Scott Weiner – American
David Shlomo Aram – Israeli
Mohammad Sheikh Islam
Mohammed Ahmed boys – Saudi
Abdel Moneim Fahad Al Ḩryj – Saudi
Islam Salim al Zahran el Glen – Saudi
Ahmad Ibn Nawfal Aldridge-Saudi
Mohamed Hassan Subaie – Saudi
Hamid Fahad Al Dossary – Saudi
Amjad Kasem Tirawi – Jordanian
Qasim Saad Al-Shammari – Saudi
Ayman Qasim Thâalbi – Saudi
Mohammad Shafi ‘ I AL-Idrisi – Moroccan

More detail was provided by Damascus-based Syrian journalist Said Hilal Alcharifi. According to Alcharifi, Captured NATO officers were from a number of member states including the US, France, Germany and Turkey, as well as Israel. Here is his statement (translated from French):

“Thanks to information received, Syrian authorities discovered the headquarters of high ranking western/NATO officers in the basement of an area in East Aleppo and have captured them alive. Some names have already been given to Syrian journalists, myself included. The nationalities are US, French, British, German, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, Moroccan, Qatari etc. In light of their nationalities and their rank, I assure you that the Syrian government have a very important catch, which should enable them to direct negotiations with the countries that have tried to destroy them.”

This story was quietly leaked by, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.”

If today’s reports are true, then this would also mean that both the Syrian and Russian governments would have additional leverage going forward in bilateral negotiations with the US Coalition.

If, however, this story is kept under wraps by NATO member governments and summarily blacked out by the US and European media outlets, then it might indicate that a deal has been struck, albeit behind the scenes, for the return of captured NATO operatives in exchange for other concessions.

If today’s report from East Aleppo is accurate, this might also help explain the hysterical behavior by the US State Department and western UN officials who have been demanding “an immediate ceasefire” – despite the fact that 99% of East Aleppo has already been liberated by Syrian government forces.

Back in September, numerous reports suggested that a western command center located behind terrorist-held lines had been targeted and destroyed by a Russian missile strike. Prof Michel Chossudovsky wrote:

“The US and its allies had established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel. Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack on September 20, this “semi-secret” facility was operated by US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence personnel.”

This report was neither admitted, nor was it denied by US Coalition sources at the time. However, one mainstream Israeli source, The Times of Israel, did report the incident.”
Read more:

BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker


Montée en puissance de l’aéronavale chinoise



Dans un éditorial au vitriol du journal chinois Global Times, publié au cours de la semaine dernière, la Chine a rappelé qu’elle a accumulé assez de puissance autour du détroit de Formose pour traiter la menace américaine. Par traiter, il faut entendre mettre en échec. C’était la réponse indirecte de Pékin aux propos du président US élu Donald Trump sur un éventuel marchandage sur le concept d’une Chine unie.

Hasard du calendrier, l’aéronavale chinoise a commencé hier ses premiers exercices à munitions réelles. Les photographies de cet exercice, notamment celles du chasseur Shenyang J-15,  se passent de tout commentaire. Le président Barack Obama peut continuer à qualifier la Russie (et la Chine) de “petits pays ne produisant pas grand chose et n’innovant point”. le déni de réalité est la marque du déclin des empires.



Les analystes occidentaux estiment que le J-15, dérivé de la technologie russe,  demeure bien inférieur au F/A 18 Hornet américain. La condescendance à l’égard de Pékin est un réflexe constant. Cependant, dans la logique chinoise, laquelle n’a que très peu de chose à voire avec la logique du marché, un porte-avions peut en cacher bien d’autres. Et aux dernières nouvelles, Pékin vient d’approuver la construction de cinq groupes de combat.

Syrie: Quand la propagande belliciste invente des massacres

La bataille d’Alep s’est terminée par une défaite totale des forces rebelles et terroristes soutenues par l’Organisation du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord (Otan) et les pays arabes du Golfe arabo-persique. Ce fut l’une des batailles hybrides les plus complexes jamais menées en milieu urbain très dense par des forces spéciales, l’artillerie de campagne  et des avions d’attaque au sol.

La perte d’Alep, seconde métropole de Syrie par l’Otan et ses alliés arabes met  fin au projet initial de Washington d’en faire une sorte de tête de pont ou un second Benghazi pour une invasion graduelle de la Syrie en vue d’y renverser le régime actuel et le remplacer par un gouvernement fantoche incapable de survivre à la complexité socio-politique de ce pays.

Sans surprise aucune, les médias occidentaux et arabes acquis à la cause rebelle ont officiellement commencé leurs lamentations orientées en évoquant des exactions contre des civils puis des massacres.  Le ridicule est atteint lorsque la représentante permanente américaine aux Nations Unies est allée jusqu’à  comparer un massacre fictif de civils à Alep avec les massacres de Bosnie et du Rwanda. Au passage elle a bien pris soin de ne pas rappeler les innombrables bavures et les massacres commis en Afghanistan et en Irak.

Tous les états-majors ayant suivi de très près la bataille d’Alep le savent: les tactiques utilisées et le type d’engagement ne permettent pas un ciblage de civils. Ce fut une série de combats hybrides localisés, menés par des forces spéciales professionnelles dotées d’une très grande capacité d’innovation, soutenus par des frappes aériennes et des tirs d’artillerie orientés.

Des civils étaient piégés dans ces combats sporadiques et à intensité variable puisque les rebelles ont abattu  des civils fuyant leurs zones de contrôle.

En réalité, les médias mentionnés ci-dessus se lamentent de la perte de terroristes armés, affiliés à l’organisation terroriste Etat Islamique en Irak et au Levant ou encore à Jeich Fath Sham (Armée de la conquête du Levant).

La propagande se radicalise à chaque fois que les sponsors des rebelles essuient une défaite.  Celle d’Alep est sans appel. On crie au génocide. Pourtant, le terroriste islamiste, cet outil de guerre crée et utilisé à des fins géopolitiques par les services spéciaux de l’Otan a toujours été jetable.

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