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One thought on “Bee virus pandemic is human made, started with European bees – study

  1. ZioZika, Monsanto bee virus pandemic… What an excellent excuse for destroying bees, especially those that are resistant to Roundup! 🙁
    According to Prairie Advocate News report, the Illinois Ag Dept. illegally seized privately owned bees from renowned naturalist, Terrence Ingram, without providing him with a search warrant and before the court hearing on the matter. Looks like Monsanto is behind the obvious violations of his Constitutional rights. Ingram was researching Roundup’s effects on bees, which he’s raised for 58 years. Allegedly, the bacterial disease ‘American Foulbrood’ was detected in a number of colonies located behind Ingram’s house. They have not returned the bees and no one at the Ag Dept. seems to know where they are. The bees could have been destroyed, or they could have been turned over to Monsanto to ascertain why some of his bees are resistant to Roundup. Without the bees as evidence, Ingram simply cannot defend against the phony charges of Foulbrood. Worse, all Ingram’s queens died after the “inspection” of his property, outside of his presence and without a warrant. Of note, Illinois beekeepers are going underground after Ingram’s experience and refuse to register their hives, in case the state tries to steal their private property on phony claims.

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