Ionic engines or thrusters will not break the current stagnation in outer space exploration.Ion thrusters use electrostatics as ions are accelerated by the Coulomb force along an electric field.

One thought on “Saudi Arabia to set up $2tn mega-fund for post oil era

  1. “The situation in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region is more than tense. The local militia has claimed that they have shot down an Azeri helicopter. Baku denied the information. The militia also claimed that they were shelled by MLRS Grad.
    It is reported that at least one child has been killed and a few other locals injured in the exchange of fire.
    The Armenian Ministry of Defense has stated that in if the Azeri offensive continues, there will be unthinkable and unpredictable consequences. This could only mean one thing – full scale war.”

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