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Hillary Clinton is the new queen of the system


Even though believe in an elusive concept called ‘Democracy’ but we know that we live in a ‘Plutocracy’ under the disguise of an ‘Oligarchy’. In this regard, Mainstream Media in the US and the whole Western hemisphere are already crowning Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next POTUS.

Who is Hillary Clinton? She is not only a product of the corrupted ruling system but one of its needed pawns. Above all, she perfectly fits the simulacra in post-modern feminist world as wanted by the global financial elites. Ladies and Gentlemen, forget all about Trump or Sanders: Clinton is the new queen of New England the Union.

Why the hell am I writing a post about Clinton in an unknown non-linear, non-Aristotelian website? Uh! The reason is simple:  This woman could trigger something like Armageddon, i.e. a global thermonuclear war in 2017…This will be the final paradox of the corrupt system forced on all of us by hook or by crook.

In Benghazi, Libya, Clinton was deeply involved in a very weird black op. The former Libyan Army weapons, including chemical shells, were moved from post-Gaddafi Libya to the battlefields of Syria. What is wrong with this? It is illegal under international war and it is a clear act of belligerency. The US, with the help of Turkey and other Nato countries were actively using Libya military and financial assets to back a radical armed insurgency (namely Al-Qaeda ver 3.0 and other new creations) in Syria to topple the legal government there. For the sake of what? That is the real question. All that would have been unknown to the public without a very serious incident targeting the US ‘consulate’ in Benghazi. One US Ambassador and four Navy Seals were killed in a very mysterious attack while Mrs. Clinton was trying to figure out how to send an email and laughing about the plunder in the Near East.

I have nothing against Mrs. Clinton. Nevertheless, judging by the facts, this woman is representing something we cannot endorse in any way unless you support the corrupted thieves sucking our blood in the name of the ‘Exceptionalism’ and other similar void concepts ending with ‘ism’.

Wes Ch.



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