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Corrupt US diplomats endorsed a secret plan to topple Syrian President

Exclusive: the 51 Stare Department officials who signed an internal memo calling for a US military air campaign against Syria endorsed a secret plan to topple the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.

According to this plan, the US military will launch hundreds of Tomahawk cruise missiles against the presidential palace, the Parliament in Damascus in order to force Syrian top military brass (who are predominantly Sunni) to seize power. The second step is to negociate with the Syrian generals an end of the conflict and a Treaty with Israel.
The problem is that both generals Alfreidj and Ayub, respectively the current Defence minister and Chief of Staff are known for their staunch opposition to Israel and Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Another problem is Russia.
Our sources told us that plan is doomed even though Hillary Clinton will certainly carry it on in 2017.

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