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A reminder about Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp

Reminder: For your personal security never install the following apps on any mobile device:

1- Facebook Messenger; one of the most utilized and hated Chat platform in the world, can easily get you killed by an Air-to-Surface missile (AGM 114 Hellfire in some cases) It is also known this app drains your battery as fast as hell!

2-Viber; One of the most dangerous VoIP app ever created, has a huge set of hidden permissions (a little more than a full and unlimited access to your device)  Moreover, this  app allows that  all the pics, info, contacts and files on your device will be available everywhere!

3-WhatsApp; bad news here indeed: now, WhatsApp says it will share its data (actually all its data) with Facebook. What does it mean? That is the very end of anonymous messaging. Thus Facebook will be able to use a person’s phone number even if this person never signed up for that app.

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