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The One billion dollars question: Did Syria or its allies shoot down an Israeli F-35 Lightning II over the Syrian Golan?

13 September 2016, at 0100Z, Syrian Artillery positions located near Al-Qunaytera in the Syrian Golan were targeted by an Israeli Air Force raid.

This was the first violation of the latest ceasefire brokered by Russia and the U.S.

Here is the bottom line:

Officially, the Israeli acted out of retaliation after one unidentified artillery shell coming from the Syrian territory landed very close to an Ammonia storage facility (more likely a military chemical-weapons base)

Actually, IAF (Israeli Air force) and some IDF (Israeli Defense forces) Artillery units were helping Syrian rebels in the Golan to fight the Syrian Armed Forces and its allies, mainly the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The Israeli used F-15’s Sufa and for the first time the state-of-the -art F-35 Lightning II combat aircraft to suppress Syrian and Hizbollah military targets in the Syrian Golan and in the Southern suburb of Damascus.

According to the Syrian Army High Command, an unknown number of Surface-to-Air missiles were fired by the Syrian Air Defense forces or a Hezbollah special force against the intruders. The Syrians claim at least one hit in the Golan and another near Damascus. More specifically, the Syrian media outlets claim that at least one Israeli combat aircraft was shot down while another was damaged over the Golan.

Another Israeli armed drone was allegedly destroyed by AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) near Damascus.

As usual, Israel denied first everything and then acknowledged that the Syrian military used Surface-to-Air missiles against IAF combat aircraft.

And here comes the big deal! According to some of our sources, the Israeli aircraft hit by the Syrian SAM’s may be a F-35 Lightning II!


Israel will never admit it, as it would show that the F-35 Lightning II, one of the most advanced military aircraft ever built (and the most expensive ever!) is vulnerable to a new enhanced version of the old Pechora SAM.  Syria won’t admit it either, as it might back Israel into a corner leading to a solid retaliation and a large-scale regional war (and even a World war)

Previously to this latest incident, Damascus has informed Moscow about its decision to use SAM’s against any  new Israeli attack inside the Syrian territory.

Israel is one of the belligerents of the ongoing conflict in Syria.

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