Gas buyers switch to long term contracts to avoid volatile prices--The so-called green energy was a marketing hype. Fossil energy will be used beyond 2150


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Strategika51 Intelligence

 Πάντα ῥεῖ…


Amid Fake News, Trump tweets, Brexit, Nokia revival, IS hoax and UAE Mars project, Strategika51 is back!

Featured movie of the week: 

Hardcore Henry (2015), SF thriller (Russia-USA)

Oddly enough, living in Damascus or Tripoli seems to be much more exciting than surviving in our necropolis overregulated cities. Apart random mortar shells threat, there’s plenty of fun there. 

The ability of humans to adapt is more than incredible. Could you ever imagine flirting with a date or tasting a good ol’ genuine red wine under mortar fire? Some did it. 

Strategika51 blog is back. Its main focus was on geopolitics. Now it’s about life. Life on Earth and anywhere in this huge universe of ours…

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