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British #FakeNews – False Reports of Russian Ambassador Assassinated in Yemen

January 14th, 2016 – Fort Russ News – by Joaquin Flores

Reports began circulating hours ago in British media, such as the UK Express and Sun, that armed gunman had stormed the Russian embassy in Yemen, killing the Russian ambassador.

Barq news agency from the KSA had claimed that ambassador Vladimir Dedushkin, ambassador to Yemen since 2013, was shot in Sanaa, Yemen. This story was then carried by several British media outlets.

The reports went viral on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, a popular method that mainstream media outlets use for the dissemination of their standard ‘fake’ news stories. Over the last several decades these types of stories have led the building of popular support for wars based on faulty premises. These wars have led to the deaths of millions of innocent civilians.

Fort Russ News contacted the Russian embassy in Belgrade at 3pm CET for confirmation of the story. Fort Russ was told that no one at the embassy in Sanaa had been killed, let alone shot. Furthermore, there had not been any attack, according to them. We were unable to get further confirmation or denial from Yemeni authorities at the time of publication.

But this raises the question of how the false story was leaked and spread in British media earlier today, drawing a connection to the ‘fake news’ hype circulating in the west.

One likely scenario based on prior experience, is that media handlers, close to Saudi media outlet Barq, working with the would-be attackers, leaked a success story before they had actually succeeded.

This attempt comes on the heels of similar incidents in recent weeks.

Recall that last month a Turkish policeman murdered a Russian ambassador as he gave a speech in Turkey’s capital, Ankara; last week a second top Russian diplomat was found dead at his home in Athens for reasons still under investigation.

We also recall that Russian FM spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a public statement recently that in closed door meetings, the US delegations had threatened Russia with retaliation and ‘pain’ for its campaign to liberate Syria from the foreign invasion.



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