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Two Israeli Military Jets hit by Syrian Air Defence Over Palmyra (Updated)

According to Syria military Command, four Israeli fighter jets were intercepted at 0233 Z local time over Palmyra, Syria. 

At 0243Z, at least two Israeli aircraft were hit by Syrian Air defence SA-5 Gammon (S-200 Dubna) missiles and AAA (Anti-aircraft Artillery). The two others escaped the area at supersonic speed back to their base in Israel. 

The Aircraft, coming from Lebanon, sustained heavy damage. 

In Damascus, the official news agency is talking about one advanced Israeli military jet shot down.

There is no indication whether these Israeli jets were the newly deployed F-35I “Adir” or not. 

The State of Israel and the Syrian Arab Republic are technically at war since 1973. 

Even though hiding its role in the ongoing Syrian conflict, mainly depicted as a civil war, it is not a secret that Israel is deeply involved in the Syrian turmoil, supplying Al-Qaeda and other terrorist armed groups like ISIS and Al-Nusra with Intel and close air support. 

Last Update: at least one Israeli F-15 Sufa is confirmed down within Israeli controlled territory according to an independent source.

According to Israeli analysts, the Israeli air force tried to target what it described as a ‘strategic convoy’ bound for the Lebanese Hizbullah but was surprised not only by the ability of Syrian army to intercept the intruders but to open fire. 

As usual since 1980, Tel Aviv denied any of its aircraft were hit during this clandestine attack carried out inside Syria. 

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