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Why London is Afraid about Wiretapping President Donald Trump? 

The British GCHQ spy agency effectively wiretapped Donald Trump before and after he was elected US President. But the question is why British officials are so afraid of revealing such acts? 

GCHQ vehemently rejected this accusation against it as ‘non sense’ and as if it was not enough, the British Government is making sure no US official would repeat this claim again. In other words they used their hidden relays in the deep State to put an end to this revelation. 

President Donald Trump is not only a very smart man but brave. He knows the stakes behind such revelations. He can’t speak openly about it but his body language suggests a lot of things about the huge pressures he’s facing from his formidable enemies inside the Deep US State and the international finance mafia based in London. 

His enemies are using GCHQ, German and French Intel assets, CIA and other NATO spying agencies to sabotage all his moves after the global failure of their huge Information propaganda machine in the aftermath of the defeats in the Mideast and Central Asia. 

Revealing who’s using the UK GCHQ’s capacities for its own private interests would trigger a real revolution in Britain. 

President Donald Trump is facing the beast and is very cautious in its genuine effort to get rid his country of a gigantic parasitic mafia-like organization whose members are controlling the opinion, comments, resources and Governments of Western Europe and North America by the way of global deception and blatant lies.  

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