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The Irrelevance of banning laptops and tablets…On a 18 hours bound flight

The irrevelance of banning laptops, mobile game consoles, tablets and phablets on some competitor’s operated flights bound for the US is more than flagrant.

This measure has nothing to do with security. It is an act of commercial protectionnism targeting fast growing air companies that pose a direct challenge to American and British companies in both the global and local levels.


Actually, this new emergency measure is targeting Qatar Airways, Emirates, Itihad Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Airlines, Kuwait Airlines, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian and Royal Air Maroc.

The US airlines are trying to face the rapid expansion of Qatar Airways, Emirates and Itihad in the US market.

The United Kingdom has swiftly followed up the new US measure adding some weird measures to reduce the mimetic move perception. But no body is fool. It is all about a commercial war in the sky.

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