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Due to extraordinary circumstances, the blog is in emergency mode,  so do not expect much more activity than sporadic posts till April 5th.

After this date and should we survive an impossible nuclear war or a universal cataclysm, our activity here would be more focused on analysis of the current strategic shift.

The Nation concept is over. The world as we know it is over.

In a near future, historians will debate whether we are in the middle of WW3 since 2003 or not. From an economic point of view, the whole world is definitely at war.

No Fear!  No regret!

I am a pacificist but I once learned to fight like there is no tomorrow even in hell!

Never Surrender!  That is the only thing worth to be taught in life.

We are in a new world and it is not a safe place for any brave citizen of the world.

We are all humans. Stand up to the new totalitarism. History will not forgive us!

The enemy is not what the mainstream media depict but the new global censorship!

Fuck Facebook and who (the real ones) are behind it!

We will prevail!

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