Des objets en orbite autour de la terre tirant des projectiles vers le sol: le combat orbital est l'enjeu de l'année 2022


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Trump [and the Guys Behind Him]Must Accept Reality: ‘The US Has No Power to Put World Affairs in Order At the Moment’

Dropping a mini nuke (officially a MOAB ordnance) on a rocky wasteland in Nangarhar province in Afghanistan after 16 years of war or sending an Armada to threaten North Korea or trying hard to topple President Assad in Syria through Islamist mercenaries are part of the new universal Ad campaign led by a real-estate and tv reality star Donald Trump to give the impression the US are back again as the sole hyperpower…

Great is the illusion. Greater is the delusion. 

A bit of truth came in an influential Chinese paper Op-Ed stating Washington needs to accept the reality that it has no power to put global Affairs in order at the moment. 

Trump is above all the product of Tv reality show and social media, ignoring the reality and trying to shape its own fancy reality. It doesn’t work like that in real world. 

The 10,000 kgs bomb dropped over a rocky area in Eastern Afghanistan was officially an act of revenge after the death of special forces operators in combat against what is now known as ISIS-K (K as Khorasan), a terrorist organization created by the same Agency who once created Air America in Laos during Vietnam war. It did not impress Taliban fighters since they’re witnessing sustained bombing on Rocky areas since Tora Bora. 

The threat of a unilateral military move against North Korea is much more dangerous. It could bring about a universal disaster and you can be sure it will annihilate 90 % of human civilization within a very short time while Trump would keep chanting “huh! It’s very powerful!”inside its bunker. 

Reality check is often enough mandatory for some people. 

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