Question: Who’s Behind the So-Called ‘Antifa’™Movement? 

The answer seems obvious: the corrupt establishement and quite ironically the current financial sytem. 

Antifa, shorthand for anti-fascist organisations, generally refers to what is believed a kind of a broad coalition of militant, decentralised, grassroots groups which are supposedly opposed to the far-right. Actually they are deeply closed to any democratic value and are the product of TV reality and the Establishement propaganda series, movies and music. They are self destructive and more intolerant than any radical fascist or extremist islamist group. 
Even though the movement was founded in Europe in the 1920’s (Spartacist uprising in Germany, the Weimar Republic, Anarchist terrorist attacks, Zionist armed groups spreading terror everywhere), it has evolved since then to turn into a mere social engineering tool feeding on the collapse of intellectualism, the ruin of education systems, the end of science, the rise of TV reality shows and the end of critical mind. 

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