All current weapons systems are overrated and unfit for post modern warfare.

How Donald Trump is going to win a war no US President ever won? How a NY businessman is defying the dreadful ‘Deep State’ and playing a very dangerous game to bring it down? Trump is risking his own life trying to fool the most criminal organization of modern history.

His opponents are indeed the most formidable ones: they got rid of Eisenhower; assassinated J.F.Kennedy in front of the entire world; forced Nixon, a tough guy, to resign; sabotaged Carter’s efforts and nearly killed Ronald Reagan.

They took every measure to ensure the President of the United States as powerless as a simulacrum.  Bush corrupt dynasty, Clinton and Obama were praised for their ability to obey the puppetmasters. But shit happens: Trump came from another world!

Trump is smarter than you could expect.

The only thing the so-called Deep State is really afraid of would be a geopolitical nightmare like an apocalyptic scenario in the Korean peninsula or a Mideast war engulfing Tel Aviv in its erratic course.

This is a fascinating story and the least we can assess up to this very moment is that ironically Donald Trump is transcending the traditional dichotomy of the US politics and is brave enough to change a whole system.

If this hypothesis is correct, then Trump must be the one history will raise well above the chronicles.

Keep updated with us. The show is going to be very hot in the coming weeks!

Donald Trump has our support here!

This is Strategika 51 blogging from nowhere!

Feel the tide! Unite the clans! We almost regret we are not on Twitter…

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