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Often enough, we come across very low life people who are ready to sell their souls to the devil himself for what they perceive as a social promotion. These thugs, commonly referred to as the pleb, Hoi Polloi or la vile populace, la lie, the mob, the populace, managed to seize the power in many countries and corporations all over the world.

I live in one of these territories where drug dealers, pickpockets and thiefs somehow succeeded to get outstanding positions or to have enough influence on the Governement to change laws to meet all their criminal expectations.

From the lowest level of the swamp, they turned up to be referred as petits and grand bourgeois. This new notability is obviously usurped.

A honest individual has nearly no chances to face these thugs. They get richer but their ethics is the same as when they used to racket and steal good people under the threat of a weapon. Their methods have changed though: instead of a knive of a gun, they use the rule of law and other public means, namely the coercition of the State.

I was harassed for months by these mobsters. I was forced to move several times and since september, I found myself unable to get a flat. above all, I found out I was a paperless in my own country and that was the most ridiculous thing one could think about. I was supposed to move to an another country but my passport expires in January 2018 and thus, I was not allowed to travel abroad even though I sold my car and all my belongings (mainly books and some furniture).

I work in an Organization where nepotism and corruption are legion. They keep you in the dark and sometimes they ask you to lie. I opted to tell the truth. You fool they told me. I took a leave. I am not sure whether to resume work.

These sons of bitch do not believe in anything. They hate other people, they hate love, they despise all ethical behaviour, lie all the time even to themselves. They lie everytime they move, they cheat, they kill, they think they are God and they are nothing more than human wastes, garbage, villains.

I succeeded once in 7 out of the eight steps to join the UN but I was told my application was not successful. Years later, I ended to know why: like a lot of other big Organizations, the UN is deeply corrupt and its hiring process is always rigged.

It was not a big deal but my eyes were wide open since.

I survived many natural disasters, remember some military experience within a special unit  and I am divorced since four years.

I traveled to many countries, especially in war-torn countries and I know what the media will never tell you. So, I decided to have a blog.

I am currently harassed by a bunch of ignorant and corrupt thugs who do not hesitate to use any means possible to silence their « targets ».

They tried to get me assassinated and when they failed, they are suing me for « insulting » them.

So, telling the truth is a very dangerous job.

I know nobody would ever help me and that I must rely only on myself. Some friends of mine advised me though to ask for political or social asylum. To whom? Governments do not give a damn about individuals and « freedom » does not exist in real world.

A free mind is not fit to live they say. A free thinker is a threat. Love can get kill you.

Notwithstanding all that harassament and other threat, I won’t give up. I will never surrender to the mediocrity and the mobsters. I will keep on laughing whatever happens so SMILE!

I am Wes!

Keep on smiling, waiting for the Sun…And fuck the bastards!





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