Des objets en orbite autour de la terre tirant des projectiles vers le sol: le combat orbital est l'enjeu de l'année 2022


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Delete Facebook Now !  


Delete Facebook Now !  

Uninstall all FB related applications from your devices now !  

It is time to get rid of Facebook, one of the most dangerous social network in the world. 

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You cannot delete your FB profile but you can leave it. 

Your privacy is a myth.

FB is like an addiction, especially for youngsters, it is the ultimate manipulation tool. It was created to spy on you. 

It is not the only application that is intended to manipulate you or spy on you but it is the mere tool most Governments use to control and monitor opinions and trends. 

Delete Facebook Now !  

You will never regret it if you know the real truth behind the White & Blue application. 


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