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France: the Macron Regime Exploits Ideology to Get Rid of the Yellow Vests Movement

The French establishment, one of the most closed oligarchy in the world, is in such despair facing the social protests of the yellow vests movement that it has to:

#1: to depict the social protests as a very dangerous extremist movement with an facist ideological background

#2:  To accuse the yellow vests movement to promote antisemitism

#3: to ultimately consider this social movement as a terror group and act against it accordingly using State repression

The ‘Antisemitism’ is a loose concept the Israeli Prime minister of Israel and French President Emmanuel Macron want to link with Anti-Zionism, which is a Nationalistic ideology.

France is at the crossroads of its history as never before: the risk of a low intensity civil war is real and the French government is unable to change its old policies.

The French people is fed up with taxes, corruption and nepotism and is not interested in ideology. In the other end, the governement and the self-proclaimed pro-Government intellectual elites are using ideology to keep their privileges in a sinking boat.

It is a deja vu? Indeed: once upon time, the hungry crowds of Paris stormed the Bastille!…in 1789, triggering what we know now as the French Revolution and toppling the Monarchy.

The current French Governement is multiplying political and economical mistakes and cashing on the ideology, using it as a thought police State against the angry citizen would not only be the last thing to do but the most dangerous option ever.

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