Ionic engines or thrusters will not break the current stagnation in outer space exploration.Ion thrusters use electrostatics as ions are accelerated by the Coulomb force along an electric field.

4 thoughts on “Une fusée Longue Marche 3B lance le satellite TianLan 2 01

    1. Ron Unz a écrit ce message juste en dessous de l’article sur les hypothèses (soit-disant théories du complot) à propos des missions lunaires de la NASA:

      Well, I’d never even known that Moon Hoax theories existed until a year or two ago, and my initial impression was that they seemed totally ridiculous. Now after reading this lengthy exposition of the material, my current view is that…they still seem just as totally ridiculous.

      America’s space program and moon landing dominated the headlines and were enormous cultural phenomena during the 1960s and early 1970s, and there must have been a vast number of interviews and media accounts. So the fact that an absolutely infinitesimal fraction of these contain some statements that might be construed as possibly suggesting a fraud hardly seems significant. Aside from that sort of loose speculation, there seems essentially zero solid evidence supporting a Moon Hoax.

      All my history books claim that Columbus discovered the New World in 1492. But suppose some analyst pointed to various minor discrepancies in the historical record and the explorer’s public statements to argue that the voyage was a hoax, and perhaps Columbus himself never existed. Would that be enough to overcome my presumption that every major historian writing about those events had been dishonest or deceived? Absolutely not! A huge amount of overwhelmingly solid substantiation would need to be provided in such a situation. Extraordinarily remarkable claims require extraordinarily remarkable evidence, a situation regularly ignored by conspiratorially-minded individuals.

      Various assertions are made about some of the Moon photos looking very suspicious, and given my lack of expertise I personally can’t evaluate them. But even if some of the photos were doctored, a vastly more parsimonious hypothesis seems obvious. The Moon program apparently cost U.S. taxpayers something like $150 billion in current dollars, and represented a gigantic American commitment of money and prestige. Now suppose that trip went fine, but the actual photos taken by the astronauts came out blurry or were otherwise poor in quality. Isn’t it quite plausible that embarrassed NASA officials might just have had someone in their photo department quietly touch them up or even fabricate them to avoid public embarrassment? A very minor “white lie” like that, involving just a couple of NASA employees, would hardly be earth-shattering. After all, PR people are always touching up the photos for celebrities and politicians, and such touched-up photos hardly constitute evidence that the celebrity is fictitious.

      A gigantic number of Americans were directly involved in the space program. If it were a hoax, surely thousands or even tens of thousands of the employees must have been aware of that shocking fact, and yet after fifty years not a single clear whistleblower has come forward. This total silence renders a hoax extremely implausible.

      The counter-argument is made that huge numbers of Americans were also involved in the Manhattan Project, which was successfully kept secret, but that seems silly. Obviously, during wartime, it’s less likely that vital military secrets would get out into the media, and since almost no one had ever heard of atomic bombs, the workers might simply have mentioned to their family or friends that they were working on a super-powerful new bomb, which is exactly what everyone experts during a war. Also, the secrecy only lasted for a few years rather than a half-century.

      But I think a different argument from silence totally kills the Moon Hoax theory. As everyone knows, one of the biggest reasons for our space program and moon landing was the zero-sum competition for international prestige with Russia during the Cold War, and although it eventually fell behind, the USSR had a very solid space program of its own, with numerous satellites and telescopes. If our Moon landing were just a fraud, it seems totally impossible that the Soviets weren’t aware of that, and they could have totally destroyed America’s international prestige by revealing the hoax. Yet they never made a single such claim at the time. Unless this gigantic issue is effectively addressed, any Moon Hoax theory can be immediately dismissed.

      But here’s a slightly different Moon Hoax “conspiracy theory” that seems vastly more plausible to me. It’s well-known that U.S. government officials and intelligence agencies have grown quite concerned with the spread of popular “conspiracy theories” after the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attacks, with the published documents by the CIA and the statements of Cass Sunstein demonstrating this.

      Now people who come to believe in one or two unorthodox “conspiracy theories” are obviously much more likely to easily accept others as well. So it wouldn’t really surprise me if various “disinfo agents” began promoting the Moon Hoax as a sort of poisoned bait for conspiracy-activists, hoping lots of them would begin accepting it and making themselves look totally ridiculous. In fact, isn’t that *exactly* what Sunstein had personally suggested a decade or so ago? Perhaps it’s more than a pure coincidence that apparently the only book ever published endorsing a Moon Hoax theory came out in 2005, just as the 9/11 Truth movement was starting to really take off. Hasn’t there also been big wave of Flat Earth videos being promoted on YouTube?

      Anyway, that’s my own “conspiracy theory” regarding a Moon Hoax.

      Moreover, whenever we’ve published an occasional article having any relation at all to the Space Program, it’s been very irritating that “excitable” Moon Hoax people have frequently cluttered up the comment-threads with their strange ideas. Now that they have this dedicated comment-thread for their extended discussion, it will be much more reasonable in the future to just summarily trash their off-topic comments on other articles.

  1. traduction :
    Une fusée Long March-3B a lancé le satellite TianLian-2 01 (天链二号01星) depuis le centre de lancement du satellite Xichang, province du Sichuan, sud-ouest de la Chine, le 31 mars 2019, à 15:51 UTC (23:51 heure locale). Selon des sources officielles, le satellite est entré sur l’orbite géosynchrone souhaitée. TianLian-2 01 est le premier satellite de la deuxième génération du système chinois de relais de données par satellite. Il fournira des services de relais et de transmission de données pour les engins spatiaux habités, les satellites et les lanceurs.

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