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The Most Controversial Combat Aircraft in the History of Military Aviation

The $300++ billion, multinational F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the largest single military program in history of military Aviation. It is the most expensive Combat Aircraft ever built even though its design is not beautiful or futuristic like F-15’s and F-14’s ones were at the time they were launched. Not to mention the sharp designs of Russian combat Aircraft, especially the Flanker family which is really ahead of anything flying with a jet engine in The sky. The problem is that the F-35 isn’t a proven fighter design, with a demonstrated baseline of performance in service. Once upon a time, American engineers were in charge of building combat Aircraft and the result was tremendous. With the F-35, greedy lobbyists and parasites interference living on corruption within or in the vicinity of the military industrial complex not only ruined this project but made it more expensive than building a colony on Mars!

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