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A Mysterious Player X using Combat Divers, mini-torpedoes and Submarine Drones is behind the Attacks on Oil Tankers in the Sea of Oman

Key Info:

One month ago, The first attack on oil tankers was carried out by experienced combat divers.

The new attack on two oil tanker in the sea of Oman occurred two days ago and was probably the result of a new armed submarine drone.

Two oil tankers were attacked in the Hormuz Straits off the Iranian coast by torpedoes (most modern military Torpedoes could easily destroy a tanker, so may be there are some kind of mini-torpedoes) according to at least one report but it seems that new submarine kamikaze drones were involved in this unsettling incident.

The Iranian Government denied any involvement in this attack while the US State Department Secretary Mike Pompeo is explicitly accusing Tehran to be behind this hostile act.

What we know for sure for now is that an unknown player X is using combat divers (and ensuring their logistics and transport), mini-torpedoes and submarine drones to target multinational oil tankers in the sea of Oman and Hormuz strait, trying to disrupt the most important oil supply road in the world.

These two incidents are linked and remind us of the tanker war during the last phase of the Iran-Iraq war.

This implies that whoever is behind this new trend is using a historical perspective and concepts in order to achieve a specific goal. This means our player X has enough resources to influence oil price on the international market and possibly trigger an international armed conflict.

Conclusion: This mysterious player X could be a specialized defense private contractor or company acting on behalf another Government or a group of Governments or even an oil giant or any entity having à big interest in oil price soaring and the builing of an international coalition “of the willing” so as to wage a war against Iran.

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