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Ukraine Transports Heavy Weaponry to Tripoli- By Steve Brown

“Alpha (Alfa) Air Ukraine” engages in cargo transport by contract with
other nations, or on behalf of the Ukraine government. 

Alpha Air operates with aircraft such as the Ilyushin IL-76 heavy cargo lifter. For example it has been reported that on July 6th, 2019, IL-76 TD UR-COZ was employed to transport weaponry form Ankara, Turkey to
Tripoli, Libya.”

The transport represents a significant amount of weaponry supplied by Ankara to the Libyan war theater. Since the flight originated from Turkey, it is presumed that most weaponry is of the NATO type. The IL-76 can also transport troops.

However, it’s quite possible and even likely that the shipment contains a mixture or Russian weapons sourced from the Ukraine and/or Israeli weapons, in conjunction with Turkish- supplied NATO armaments and possibly tanks.

Now, the central question is about the forces receiving these weapons – will they be Misrata rebels?…or the GNA?  Since Misrata rebels – who work closely with al Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalists – supply cheap offshore oil to Turkey, the belief is that this weaponry will be supplied to the Misrata, thus prolonging chaos and unrest in western Libya. Turkey has relied on Misrata oil supplies since the US government ended Turkey’s waiver for purchasing Iran’s oil.

Steve Brown

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