Gas buyers switch to long term contracts to avoid volatile prices--The so-called green energy was a marketing hype. Fossil energy will be used beyond 2150


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Strategika51 is Under Attack☢️☣️

Otherwise clearly expressed this website is no more controlled by its admin.

Strategika 51 Intelligence is currently under a heavy Attack from a foreign authoritarian Government cyberwar unit.

I repeat: This website is under attack! This is a very serious situation.

Warning: even though the invading code is dealt with up to now, the admin is no more responsible of its content or behavior. A virus activity is expected.

Thanks to all our readers and followers.

Strategika51 is fighting for its survival.

This is an emergency⚠️

End of transmission.

Wissem Wes C., Admin and founder of Strategika51. org

Emergency email:

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