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US-Turk Support for SNA Turkmen Terrorists Outflanks Syria in Idlib

US outrage regarding the Syrian Arab Army’s advance in Idlib — where the SAA attempted to clear the province of US/Turk-sponsored Tahrir al-Sham and Turk-backed terrorists — caused the United States to re-supply Ankara with a large cargo of weaponry yesterday, to support a flanking operation by the Syrian National Army (Turkmen) around Talmenes and Maaret Al-Nouman.

Beginning in November, provocations and violations of the province’s cease-fire agreement by Tahrir al-Sham and Turkish-backed SNA terrorists resulted in a Syrian response. Coming off the Astana talks, which largely ignored the remaining Idlib terror element, Erdogan apparently mistook Russia’s cooperation and joint statement on Syria as a sign of weakness.
It’s likely too that Erdogan’s predilection for playing both sides saw Astana as an opportunity to concede ground to the United States behind the scenes, after US State conceded a portion of northeast Syria to Turkey.

Subsequent to the Syrian advance to clear Idlib province of rampaging US-State sponsored terrorists and insurgents in November and early December, Ankara backed the Syrian National Army, ie Turkmen terrorists and Ankara’s National Front for Liberation in their efforts to turn back Syria’s liberation of its own territory. The flanking and encirclement move by Turkish proxy forces from the east and south of Idlib province began four days ago.

The United States Air Force C17 Globemaster III which departed Incirlik did not ‘evacuate’ anything; the US weapons cargo plane re-supplied Turkey for its support of proxy terror groups in Idlib.

Erdogan has another issue too, where Ankara’s proposed aggression in Libya will cause Turkey to fight two separate wars on two fronts. It’s possible that Erdogan hopes to achieve some sort of pyrrhic victory in Idlib versus the Syrian Arab Army prior to engaging in Tripolitania, but how that will play out is anyone’s guess.

The irony where the United States — as number one state sponsor of terror globally, along with its ‘allies’ Israel and Saudi Arabia – calls Idlib a ‘humanitarian disaster’ is of course rich, since Washington, US State and its allies have inspired death, destruction, war, degradation, and horror in the Middle East and worldwide for many decades now, in pursuit of riches and resources.

Steve Brown

Twitter: @newsypaperz

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