Des objets en orbite autour de la terre tirant des projectiles vers le sol: le combat orbital est l'enjeu de l'année 2022


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About the post-modern incongruity of wishing a Happy New Year (Happy New Year anyway!)

Celebrating a new cycle with a lot of beer, dancing and even sexual orgies is as old as the history of human settlements. Ancient Egyptians were almost always drunk when they celebrate “Wepet Renpet” or the “opening of the year”.

4000 years later, we are trying very hard to celebrate a new solar cycle amidst troubled times.

I find it very incongruous to wish a “Happy New Year 2021” to anyone I am acquainted to this time. It is indeed difficult to wish a happy new year 2021 when you know it is going to be a hard time ahead.

I have never been really supertitious but this quatrain from Nostradamus (1503-1566) is a bit terrific even in 2021:

Century 2, Number 46

“After great problems for humanity, a greater problem appears,
as the millennium begins,
floods, blood, milk, steel, famine,and disease strike mankind,
and in the sky a fire with a long trail of sparks is seen.”

Even though we are not safe from a zombie apocalypse (thinking about possible unexpected side effects of all those new C19 vaccines) or an asteroid huge impact, the most urgent and real problem this planet is facing is the collapse of human institutions. Nearly every institution is rotten to the core. Corporate behemoths are behaving more like criminal organizations and elite universities are selling thin air and propaganda, supervillains like Facebook and Twitter are now making false kings and opinions. In almost every country, elites are looting and pillaging their own resources like there is no tomorrow. Money is no more money. Fiat currencies are made out of thin air. Mafias are more powerful than 90% of Nation States on this planet of ours where everything is corrupt. Even music is no more music. Science is failing. Medecine is now part of the propaganda machine. Weapons are still primitive and hyperhyped and overpriced for commercial purposes. The warfare State is cash in on wars. Proxy wars, hybrid wars, hidden wars, civil wars, colored revolutions, drug wars, financial war and social wars. That’s the real danger we are living with everyday. Brave people are sidelined almost everywhere, voiceless and though perceived as a great threat to the system. The fall of the propaganda narrative everywhere is giving common sense people a unique opportunity to raise their voice over the parasite noises. This is the only glimpse of hope for the year 2021. Make no mistake here: even though 2021 will be another difficult year for a majority of us, it is not the end. In 1921, the world was in big turmoil. It led to the 1929 big crisis and then WW2. Now, we are in the middle of a hybrid WW3 (without knowing it thanks to social engineering) and are living with a virtual fake economy and fake reality. The future will be fantastic for some of us. A nightmare of a lot of us. Cheers!

Happy New Year!

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