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US State Wants a New War

US State is itching for a new war. State has ignored the monkey business between Israel and Iran for now — not to mention Syria — because State knows a war with Iran will not favor the Evil Empire’s interest. And in a bizarre twist, the US has made overtures to Iran which Iran has rejected. So if war with Iran is not an option, how about somewhere less threatening from the US point of view… like Ukraine?

And why do the vile miscreants who litter State want a new war anyway? … or at least a “war option”? We’ll examine that later, but first consider the threat Nord Stream 2 poses to the US liquid natural gas (LNG) industry. Consider that the former United States has invested billions in overseas LNG terminals and the promotion of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) for export. Completion of Nord Stream 2 will challenge US dominant corporate interests in Europe, while marginalizing US-captured Ukraine, the present supplier of pipelined natural gas from Russia to Europe. And since the fully Captured State is beholden to vulture-Corporatists of the worst kind, any real or imagined competitor delivering LNG to Germany must be annihilated. But the US has not defeated Nord Stream 2 yet, despite valiant attempts to do so, and sanctions upon sanctions. As such, State may concentrate on a Ukraine conflict instead, in addition to sanctions, as a means to halt completion of the project.

An important new factor in this equation is Germany’s 12.5% reduction in trade with the former United States, a most significant decline*.

And because NATO’s false, pointless, and futile attempt to maintain US hegemony over Europe has gone nowhere too, Germany is turning away from its perverse and historic relationship.

Berlin Bundestag

Germany’s directional change has threatened Kushnerian ambitions in the Western Sahara, and surprisingly prompted secret talks between Algeria and Germany on North African affairs.

To this point, the former United States and France have dominated North Africa with their respective illegal military operations via Africom, and French military action to secure uranium interests there.

A French military helicopter in Mali

Germany controls the ECB which holds the second-most important global currency and is no doubt nonplussed by US weaponization of a failing dollar. By falling trade with the US and Germany’s pivot toward China, Germany may look to expand its interests in North Africa beyond the corrosive effect of US duplicity.

The all-consuming question is whether Germany will breathe new life into the Axis of Resistance — a burning question at State. State views Germany as being a potential wayward threat by its ECB exposure, the euro, and IMF directional policy. Evidence exists that US FOREX traders recently attacked the euro for this very reason. But while Germany cannot be directly targeted by the US for its adoption of Nord Stream 2, Russia can be. And has been for many years. The United States has aggressively targeted Russia for:

– Resistance to US/Israeli Nile-to-Euphrates aggression (US occupies Iraq and parts of Syria)
– Snowden affair
– Crimea
– Caucasus and Ukraine

In addition, the US — always the double-dealer — has engaged its fascistic NATO cohorts (Lithuania/ Poland) in a rather sleazy attempt to isolate the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad.

Russian Navy Surface Vessels in Kaliningrad

For sure no opportunity to aggress by the debauched and perverse Empire is ever missed.

More serious is the situation in Ukraine. With Kagan-Nuland and bloodthirsty US Neoliberals braying for blood — and ever more powerful in State — the former United States may seek more than just sanctions from Russia. Ukraine tension in the capable hands of the US State Strzyga provides these advantages:

– Powerful diversion to distract from lame US leadership
– Prevent completion of Nord Stream 2
– Pressure Russia into concessions
– Convince Russia to vacate Syria, cementing delivery of Syria’s occupied territories to Israel

This delicate balance for targeting Russia must not lead to outright war. That the failures and incompetents extant within US State may countenance such risk, is of course damning and illustrative of their inhuman nature. For now, this despicable and morally bankrupt US regime and their ever more depraved counterparts at State can buy time while ratcheting tension in Ukraine. The contagion and a booming US economy provide cover for everything they subvert, at least for now.

As such Kagan-Nuland and her cohorts bask in their misguided belief that State is making the world uncomfortable for all who disagree with their Neocon failed-state agenda – for now. But let’s say by some bizarre twist MMT fails, interest rates explode, inflation is rampant (to the point of hyper) and even bitcoin has crashed… the outlook is dire.
Never fear, Strzyga will find a new war to save the day… whatever that war may be… it’s a war US State is praying for… and braying for.

Steve Brown

*Germany’s trade with China (by comparison) remains unchanged
**United States illegally invaded and occupied Iraq eighteen years ago, and committed war crimes.

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