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Rebuilding Ayatollah Mike’s Deep State

Whether War in Ukraine, provocations in the Gulf, Russia confronting Israel over IAF attacks in Syria, or Ansarullah’s success in disrupting Saudi oil infrastructure — or North Korea, Iran, or Afghanistan — the major western media is covering hardly a word at all.

Why not?

Historically western disinformation centers pounced on any event where US hegemony was challenged.  But ever since the US attempt to destroy Syria in 2011 we have seen the Security State lose its way.

Beginning with Max Keiser’s old CIA boss ‘Buzzy’ Krongard and the scandal involving his brother,  Bush’s  duplicity (followed by Obama) progressed from fake yellowcake to Wikileaks, to Ed Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, revealing the corruption at the heart of Empire.

Now the Wikileaks era has ended with mass censorship by social media and prosecution, because the security state apparatus has experienced instability.  Just subsequent to the US assassination of Iran’s military leader last year, the CIA’s “Prince of Darkness” was declared dead (by some sources) when a CIA E11A aircraft was shot down — either by the Taliban or by Iran — in Afghanistan.

Whether killed by the Taliban or not, Ayatollah Mike has not been seen in public since. D’Andrea is supposedly the State-sponsored assassin behind all recent US state-sponsored political assassinations, for example Iran’s Soleimani, and Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden provided food to the sharks after all instead of being captured and singing his guts out in a CIA-sponsored interrogation session featuring ‘enhanced techniques’. Purported details of D’Andrea’s demise exceed imagination and one must wonder if they are actually true. One report says that he was killed not on the plane, but as found hiding in a village.  Yet another account has it that D’Andrea was in such peril after Soleimani’s assassination by the United States that the CIA engineered DAndrea’s fake death. Another more plausible report has it that Iran is behind the operation as further revenge for Trump’s killing of their commander. But no “official” US governmental source will ever deny or affirm whether D’Andrea is living or not, or even acknowledge that the Dark Prince exists. Even so, the loss of Ayatollah Mike merits ‘great impostor’ status and a necessary illusion for the CIA to keep alive.  

Whether this fallen CIA ninja-creature hero is alive or not is now irrelevant. D’Andrea is simply one martyr for Empire, among others. And future contract assassins hired by the Agency in the name of hedge funds and hubris are plentiful. Nonetheless D’Andrea’s proposed demise left a chaotic milieu for the US security state in planning new assassinations and new failed states.  

Hoping that appeasement of Israel might allow him a two-term regime, the former president mightily miscalculated. From 2015, much occurred to destabilize the Failed State apparatus that ruled DC, where the incompetent reign of war criminal Gina Haspel emasculated the CIA and sowed discord among ranks, resulting in low morale in an agency already known for its misdeeds. This chaotic CIA dog mess was largely engendered by the Agency itself in its considerable effort of State to depose the former president. The security state’s self-inflicted diversion weakened the service and in the last days of the regime, acting defense chief Miller stepped into this CIA stench. Miller managed to do quite a lot of damage to CIA imperial hubris beyond that.  Miller even attempted to reinstate Kennedy’s 1961 NSAM-57,  a National Security Action Memorandum that mandated the criminally corrupt CIA to report its activities first to the president. 

Kennedy’s 1961 effort versus the CIA ended with his assassination. In 2020, Miller only managed to restrain the CIA’s crooks to the extent that Ezra Cohen must report only to him (Miller) directly, that being his only success.  By that time Trump’s intent was to avenge himself on the wrongs the security state had perpetrated upon him, and not dependent on any higher ground the president intended to claim since he could not. As such, the 2021 crisis – as Neoliberals call it – is to restore the failed-state foreign policy agenda that Bush-Obama ushered in via NATO, nation-building, and the US predilection for creating failed states since 2003.

Now under cover of rather frivolous or irrelevant domestic issues, the United States attempts to ignore all world events while it rebuilds a failed foreign policy agenda of warfare and aggression as formerly pursued by both Bush and Obama. However, the United States has a problem. The US now operates from a position of supreme weakness; weakness far more prevalent now than when Hilary Clinton embarked on her Arab Nightmare — or “Arab Spring” — ten years ago.  And which politically correct pundit would allow a term like “Arab Spring” to be used today?   The reason the former United States cannot address Ukraine, the Gulf, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, China, or any of the other global issues it must confront is because the US is no longer the power it once was.

To the contrary Bill Burns, the US has no allied face to present to the world. Israel?  Saudi?  No, the United States has consistently broken trade agreements. The US has broken political agreements. It has violated moral agreements and shown itself to be a duplicitous bad actor, not a world leader.  It has employed sanctions to punish, mutilate, and kill.  We see that every day when the US sticks its head in the sand and will see no evil with regard to the violent world it has assiduously worked to create, and still pursues. And there is no way back.

Steve Brown

Twitter: @newsypaperz 

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