Le mythe de l'énergie "verte" s'est transformé en une véritable crise énergétique durable


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 Πάντα ῥεῖ…

I am now too old to physically fight against the forces of darkness that increasingly spread over the land. But I will write about it, and try to explain.

More than sixty years ago a Coup d’état took place which changed the world’s direction. About the JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) assassination some say, “America was always bad, and just went from bad to worse”, but that trivializes the substance of this Coup d’état and ignores the fact that powerful moneyed Elites consolidated power over the West. Their goal now is to reduce the world’s population.

For more than seventy years the powers that be – especially Wall Street and world markets – have setup a system to eventually enforce their means of such destruction… by greed. Now that greed has possessed the world and led to an impasse for the planet, which must be addressed.

As Jay Weidner wrote, if the world’s population lived like Zen Buddhists there would be no need to cull the herd; but when most hope to live like Bill Gates, then Bill Gates must become involved.

Briefly, the capitalist system allowed certain freedoms from repression of feudalism, but capitalism has now adopted a feudal quality characterized by crony capitalism, and its criminality. The criminals are in charge. The idea of socialism, being what’s good for everyone, hit the blocks with regard to who decides what’s good for everyone …and how will that be paid for? No ideological system devised so far – and especially crony capitalism – is sustainable long term.

For centuries Elites approached the practical matters above via Warfare and the control of the population via the debt that warfare produced. Indeed, the criminals at US State and the CIA have for many years invoked ‘strategic balancing’ which is a fancy term for war, whether covert or overt. The world’s population has grown nonetheless, and warfare no long functions as a means to balance it. There are indications that even global Elites understand the foregoing.

Many years ago, as Carlos Montoya, I wrote for the now defunct GNN website that there were five scenarios by which Elites might exploit their desired Armageddon:

1) Nuclear war
2) Induced Disease
3) Natural disaster
4) Financial collapse
5) General Insurrection

…and ranked those five scenarios according to probability. But Montoya’s article of twenty years ago has long since vanished into the ether. The gist was my conviction that financial collapse would be the Elite’s choice for culling the herd, when smoke-and-mirrors of the financial system could no longer be maintained.

The financial collapse of 2008-2009 nearly proved such theory correct, but mainly resulted in roving bands of homeless living in waysides and turnouts, while the global population strain on Bill Gates’s precious resources continued to grow.

Nuclear war was discounted, because ultimately such impacts Elites too, regardless of what preparations they may make.

And it seemed that induced disease would not be an option either to reduce the population, since Elites and their families would potentially suffer from the contagion, too.

Imagine my surprise. While the contagion may not kill in the numbers Elites envisaged, this is of course one desired outcome. Most importantly, Elites impose control over the population, and long-term consideration on how such restrictions may curb human reproduction, which is important.

Recently Elites even attempted to frighten the populace with the prospect of a ‘UFO threat’. What the UFO threat was about or why it was attempted is unknown, but the world’s populace laughed off the idea. With the incredulous knowledge that aliens – even if they are human – already live among us with their predilection for unreason, perhaps it was just another “test”.

But then there is war too, which still rages in areas of the world, some largely forgotten, like Yemen, the Donbass, and Somalia.

So what about war? Centuries ago until today, critical thinkers asked, “Where are the great philosophers of today?” I will submit one: Bruce Lee. In the ‘Tao of Jeet Kune Do‘ Bruce Lee wrote that one must learn to think like the enemy, without becoming the enemy.

As a man of peace in search of harmony, Lee ultimately understood that commitment to non-violence was of utmost importance. By contrast, being capable when violence is enforced upon us, is the quandary all who are antiwar must face. Our principles forbid us from engaging in violence, however the State is enforcing violence upon us. What to do?

It is the forever struggle of how we may live in peace when great powers enforce war upon us. And now, with this contagion, apparently engineered to control us, we face a dilemma just as challenging if not more so.

The goal of life is not to be in accord with the ranks of the majority, but to avoid ending up among the ranks of the insane.” — Marcus Aurelius

Steve Brown

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