Le mythe de l'énergie "verte" s'est transformé en une véritable crise énergétique durable


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The CIA does much more than train Khost Protection Echelon terrorists and killers, the CIA is expert at money laundering, too. World Banker Ashraf Ghani may have fled Afghanistan with only $300M US, but the CIA likely looted Afghanistan’s Central Bank reserves for much more via a favored US federal money laundering mechanism: bitcoin.

In April the US announced its plan to withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11th, with some haggling yet to occur among the MIC and coup class. When Biden or a deputy pressed for the withdrawal, a CIA plan was devised to loot the Afghanistan Central Bank by laundering funds via bitcoin, beginning in mid-July. How do we know? Because the performance of bitcoin verifies the caper as described by an insider. From mid-July to present, bitcoin has proven to be a most exceptional haven for laundered funds of any origin – including funds which originate from the mad dog’s Warfare State. No, bitcoin does not threaten the dollar because bitcoin is a derivative of it.

Bitcoin is essential for State black ops and has proved its ethereal monetary worth again by laundering billions in US-seized Afghanistan Central Bank funds. But the seizure of Afghanistan’s Central Bank billions (along with Afghanistan’s 1,731 400oz gold bars which disappeared into Federal Reserve vaults in 1939) and conversion to bitcoin, does not explain the $376B US increase in bitcoin cap since July. So, what does?

Figures vary, but expenditures of many billions find their way to Afghanistan every month — or did. Inflationary dollars of particularly large amounts flowed to Afghanistan in recent years, especially the last two years as galloping US inflation increased costs at all levels. Now that ‘hostilities have ended’ where will those inflationary billions be diverted to? The militarist money train cannot be stopped without bursting the derivative bubble and impacting Wall Street. For example, to pay down the Fed’s balance sheet with billions formerly destined for Afghanistan is unacceptable; such a pragmatic move will spook Wall Street, spook the MIC, and counter MMT. But most of all, such pragmatism must be accountable!

A more convenient stop for former militarist wayward billions is bitcoin. By laundering to bitcoin, there is no need to inform Congress about where the funds have come from, or where they have gone. No questions from the public. And that opacity is precisely what the Black Ops States hopes for and does: Eagle Base CIA monetary shenanigans in Afghanistan just provided one great example.

Because the ESF and ‘desk’ are opaque in accordance with central bank, Primary dealers, Treasury, and BIS operations, their attendant dark pools and black ops funding cannot be exposed by any investigative journalist — much less by the puerile US Congress. But the performance of bitcoin can’t match billions that the Fed’s repo market launders every night. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/RRPONTSYD So let’s see bitcoin for what it is: a useful black hole for states to exterminate billions in inflationary dark pool capital, when those billions have nowhere else to go.

We’ve just seen the CIA’s laundering of Afghanistan’s frozen Central Bank funds into bitcoin.* Ironically, on the back of that massive black ops dark pool is the legitimate use for bitcoin: to evade the very sanctions and weaponization of the US dollar that the very same State imposes…

*funds into the real economy must be accountable; bitcoin is not.

Steve Brown

Note: This article contains a very sensitive and classified information provided by a former high ranking Afghan Central Bank official to Strategika51




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