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Syria, S400’s, Russia, Israel, and US Failed States (Part 1)

Reports vary about the state of Syria’s air defense, but this is certain: Syria is under constant attack from Israel, even from Lebanese air space.

In 2015, Syria Invited Russia to assist in its defense versus US-Israeli aggression there, and the Western-sponsored insurgency which began in 2011.

Since 2015, Russia has provided air defense systems and some ground troops to Syria. We will explore S400 systems in detail, but first, a brief history of the Israeli-Syria war and US failed state policy.

In 1973 when the Ramadan war was going badly, Golda Meir threatened the Middle East with nuclear destruction via the Samson Option https://archive.org/details/Sampson option. In the US, a Watergate-embattled regime stalled on supplying weaponry to Israel, when Israel needed advanced US weapons to prevent Israel’s Third Temple ambitions https://www.jewishvoice.org/read/article/update-building-third-temple from being defeated.

Meir’s ‘Samson Option’ nuclear scare worked.

The US supplied much-needed weaponry – especially F4 Phantom aircraft to Israel, to turn the tide of the war.

After that, an Agreement on Disengagement was signed in 1974. The agreement led to a cessation of hostilities, but no armistice or peace agreement was ever settled upon. So, Syria and Israel have been at war ever since.

Then, subsidized to be a militarist outpost in the Middle East by the US (and aided by division within the Arab world) Israel invaded, occupied, and annexed: Shebaa Farms, West Bank, Golan, and the Jordan Valley* among other areas of Palestine. However by 2011, Israel’s Third Temple and ‘Greater Israel’ ambitions were stalled, so the US Secretary of State (with Israel complicit and the complicity of US-subsidized regimes in Morocco and Tunisia) provoked the Arab Spring in part by leveraging a major global media campaign when Syrian troops opened fire on protestors

Originally sponsored by the US Security State in collaboration with Israel, the CIA’s participation in the “Arab Spring” plot was revealed when details of CIA Operation Timber Sycamore became public.

The CIA /Israeli regime-change agenda for Syria was a key component of Robert Loewenberg’s 1996 construct, The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies. The IASPS plan to destabilize the Middle East created a blueprint for failed states, and was called, A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm . https://ia902909.us.archive.org/7/items/acleanbreak/A%20Clean%20Break%3A%20A%20New%20Strategy%20for%20Securing%20the%20Realm.pdf The ‘Clean Break’ blueprint for the Middle east was first published in 1996 for Binyamin Netanyahu.** Here, the US and Israel understood that their Axis could not ‘conquer’ the Arab world, but could divide it and create failed states in the Middle East, providing hegemonic and economic advantage.

Failed States
US State miscalculated with its ‘Arab Spring’ agenda, regarding the wishes of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. Dictatorial monarchies shun revolutionary or democratic political thought or movements emerging, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. For example, Egypt’s democratic election of the Muslim Brotherhood was forced from power and made to spectacularly fail by demand of US ally Saudi Arabia and even NATO; not just by its own mis-steps. Morsi was then replaced by a military dictatorship.

Now, since its defeat in Afghanistan, the US goal in Asia is the same as Brzezinski’s was fifty years ago: to create unrest in Afghanistan to destabilize Russia, China, Pakistan, and Iran. Were Brzezinski alive today he and Robert Loewenberg might agree that Syria, too, has become the perfect trap to ensnare the Russian Federation’s military. The Russian Federation’s position in Syria is complicated by Turkey, and, more importantly, by the complication of Russian relations with Israel.

Russia and Israel
Alfa Bank is a large international bank. Israeli-Russian Mikhail Fridman is founder of the Alfa group, and Fridman’s allegiance to Israel is unquestioned. Fridman helped found the Genesis Philanthropy Group, which funds the Genesis Prize, a $1M US prize in recognition of services to Israel. Likewise, Alfa Group is closely allied to the Russian leadership. Alfa Bank’s operations are underwritten by ABH Holdings Luxembourg to allow for SWIFT transactions, where these transactions occur despite US sanctions on Russia. According to my source, SWIFT banking transactions are ‘validated’ by Israel’s Central Bank, working with SWIFT and the Alfa Group through ABH Holdings of Luxembourg.

Like Israel, Luxembourg has long been known as a money laundering capital with a reputation for illicit financial transactions that provide its raison d’etre. (Public details are vague, but some insight may be gained from this 2015-linked Jewish Business News report) In effect, this arrangement regarding the Israeli banking system and ABH Holdings, allows SWIFT transactions to occur, enabling large Russian Federation financial transactions to be made, in order to evade US sanctions.

With the cooperation of Israel and dark money site Luxembourg, the rather corrupt US government — riddled by hypocrisy and duplicity — turns something of a blind eye to sanctions enforcement that might impact the world’s largest and most criminal banks. As such, the Importance of ‘financial détente’ for the Russian Federation becomes paramount, by allowing the Russian Federation’s larger markets to operate. Without SWIFT, financial disaster for Russia might quickly ensue. In return, Israel’s central bank must cooperate with the Russian leadership to allow their respective financial success. So, where King Dollar is concerned, any threat to Russian-Israeli relations at a political level must by definition pose a precarious financial threat, too.

Ethnic consideration
Beside Russian and East European lineage of Ashkenazim who comprise about one-half the population of Israel, nearly 2 million Jews and their relatives have emigrated from the former USSR to Israel on Aliyah since 1989, called the Oleh Chadash. In 1989, Ex-USSR dissident Sharansky’s book Fear No Evil influenced an Israeli-friendly media in the west, and many dollars flooded to global propaganda networks in support of Israel’s agitprop, as exists to this day. So, there is indeed an historic and incestuous component regarding the link between Israel and Russia.

Steve Brown

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