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Syria, S400’s, Russia, Israel, and US Failed States (Part 2)

Accordingly, since Israel is at war with Syria, why would the Russian Federation aid Syria against the western-backed takfiri insurgency? We’ve established that the US- Israeli goal in Syria is only to create a failed state so that Israel may claim and annex the Syrian territory that Israel occupies. So, why did the Russian leadership accept Syria’s invitation to create a defensive coalition there in 2015 when the Israeli regime opposed it?

Russia’s historic support for Syria began in the 1970’s, and Russia’s naval base in Tartus does not rely on cooperation from NATO ally Turkey to exist on Syria’s Mediterranean coast. Likewise, Russia has financial interests shared with many nations including Syria, but most of all Russia is likely reluctant to see US-Israeli sponsored takfiri terror states developing in the Middle East, via the US “domino effect” of terror as Washington wishes. Such exported takfiri terror has taken a toll in the Caucasus region, in Chechnya and in Russia. As such, Russia may find it more useful to confront US and Saudi-backed Chechen terrorists in Syria, rather than closer to home in the Caucasus region.

After US State’s ‘Arab Spring’ provocation began in 2011, by 2012 Chechen and Georgian terrorist groups such as Katibat Al-Muhajireen began operating in Syria by the thousands. Some were under direction of Umar Al-Shishani more appropriately known as ‘Tarkhan the Rodent’. He is now deceased and another western-backed takfiri from Caucasus Georgia, Murad Iraklievich Margoshvili, also known as “Muslim Al-Shishani” has a straggling militia which has been decimated by nearly ten years of war. He is the last known in command of the Chechen terror group called Junud Al-Sham. Other Chechen fighters joined the Jabhat Al-Nusra terror militia, now known as Hayat Tahrir al Sham, or HTS. At that time, with an escalating Syrian insurgency largely funded by US State and Saudi Arabia and with support from Israel, the Syrian government asked the Russian Federation for help.

S200’s S300’s S400’s and S500’s
Much popular confusion exists about deployment of S300’s and S400’s in Syria. The Israeli press claims that Syria fires hundreds of S300 missiles at IAF aircraft, and asserts that the S300’s lack of success in Syria is due to ‘clever’ piloting. “Such clever pilots!” Truth is however that Russian S-series air defenses in Syria have been handicapped by programming that prevents the S-series from locking on to Israeli aircraft. Thus we illustrate that Russo-Israel relations are such that Israeli aircraft may not be targeted, and also, so that a wider war will not result.

In 2018, an Israeli F16 was downed over Northern Israel by an S200 operated by allegedly by Syria although the brigade was located quite close to Hmeimim Air Base causing speculation that a Russian battery may have downed the warplane. Israel first claimed that a bird hit the jet, then said that the jet was downed due to the pilot’s failure to properly use evasive measures. Of course such Israeli military statements are false, and Israel pressured Russia to ensure that no S-series battery would again be programmed to defend versus Israeli air aggression in Syria. The point here is to illustrate the ‘special relationship’ that exists between Russia and Israel.

But Turkey has no such qualms about targeting Israeli aircraft bombers, and Turk S300’s in Syria have also been programmed such that they may not target US Israeli F35’s or other Israeli warplanes. [Reports in the western media, incorrect, say that S400’s in Turkey are not operational. https://breakingdefense.com/2020/06/unanswered-israeli-air-strikes-against-syria-raise-s-400-questions/ ] The S300 and 400 air defense systems in Syria have been programmed to target projectiles however, such as incoming missiles, rockets, and drones. By all accounts that particular S300/S400 functionality has been acceptable, if not perfect.

Recently Turkish militants in al Hasakah fired on Russian helicopters, there allegedly with one S300 battery. https://generico.ru/2021/09/28/turkey-fired-on-russian-helicopters-in-syria/ The attack failed and the Turk paid a dear price. This incident occurred just prior to Erdogan’s meeting with president Poutine. And yet the Turk is calling for more S400’s! Why?

Since Turkey’s S400 air defenses are useless against aircraft that the defense is not allowed to target – such as Israel’s US IF35 – we can only wonder. There is not much Turkey can do versus aircraft except perhaps mistakenly target a Russian aircraft, which it did in 2016. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-turkey-jet-idUSKCN0ZD1PR So why is Turkey in the S400 business at all?

We must assume that the Turk predilection for S400’s is largely symbolic… and mainly political. The reason is to pressure the US over its support for the YPG and PKK in the KRG. By leveraging the S400, Turkey can pressure the United States to back-off from its support for SDF and Kurd terror groups in northeastern Syria. This fully explains why Turkey is once again pressuring the US with promises of more s400 purchases. But so long as the US knows Russia is providing no real support to Turkey for pragmatic use of those air defenses, Washington is less impressed, and only encourages the Turk to behave more like a NATO member.

As for Syria’s use of the S200 S300 and S400’s (and potential deployment of S500’s!) we can only assume that they will be debased by the same limitations, ie that no defense versus Israeli warplanes will be enabled, only anti-projectile and drone defense.

And so we are reduced to the expectation that some form of advanced weaponry will save us from our oppressors. But the best weaponry and greatest access to their use has always been possessed by those very oppressors. Instead of weapons of war, we should hope for real leaders who truly advocate for peace, statesmanship, freedom of commerce, natural law, and emphasis on production and creativity instead of destruction. In other words, the goal of civilization is by definition the rule of law and appreciation for peace among men and nations. But this civilization by man’s own hand, is apparently done for. Is that so? That’s certainly what we see every day especially from the dog of the west.

Steve Brown

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    ** Netanyahu supposedly rejected the blueprint; but the IASPS agenda was welcomed wholeheartedly by before the year 2000, by George W Bush

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