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Targeting Assange: Yahoo Deep State Revelations

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First reaction to this story: Why did Verizon (owns yahoo) a super Deep State & deeply corrupt (first hand info) shill for the CIA, and three miserable establishment Russiagate propagandists feature this story? With a little thought and help from an ‘unnamed source’ I posted this yesterday:

Beside the fact Isikoff via Verizon-Yahoo can once again make a former but senior Trump official look bad — and of course Mike Pompeo is a truly vile and despicable character — here is the play. Demented One’s regime wants to look tough against leakers/opposition journalists and insist on Assange’s return. ‘Big rough-tough superpower vs the Fifth Column!’ yes. . But the establishment knows that an US Assange trial is fraught with peril, and nothing but trouble, where a trial will regurgitate old baggage and lots of unpleasant attention/headlines. Also, even if convicted… what to do with him? Especially if Assange is in bad health, as reports have it.
Bottom line to the establishment: Assange is nothing but trouble alive…. and potentially more trouble when tried or incarcerated in the US. Where millions of ‘troublemakers’ (in their view) will advocate for his release. Long way to write, that the garbage-who-rule really do not want him tried in the US, even if they say they do.
By the CIA/Deep State’s release of Vault7 old news in this article — we covered Vault7 in 2017 to deafening public silence — and the only new bit an embarrassment to the former Trump admin, the Biden regime can claim plausible deniability in the event the UK does not extradite Assange. US State reaction: “Hey, we tried! But those Brits can be difficult! No wonder we had a revolution against them!” (US possible quote?) A solution to the Assange issue… with just one remaining major hurdle:
What to do with Assange?
First, PTB’s will need to find a place for Assange if released. UK? No. Russia? Of course not, and certainly not released to Morrison’s lackeys. Perhaps negotiate a return to Sweden? To do so, Assange will have to agree to binding legal agreements that he will not write about or otherwise publish his experiences, and will not again participate in Wikileaks. A tall order, and in my opinion that’s the big issue remaining for the ‘authorities’ to settle. If a place cannot be found for him, the third option is that he will continue to rot in prison as a political prisoner of the western dog. (rhetorically speaking)

Steve Brown


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