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The US Treasury-Fed has billions to launder. Reverse repurchase agreements help with the laundering.

But bitcoin serves a purpose, too.

On three occasions I’ve written about the US Treasury-Fed’s use of bitcoin to sterilize capital and cover its tracks with regard to the many $ black holes it creates.

From Pam and Russ Martens just one example: Three of the Fed’s Wall Street Bailout Programs Vanish from Its Monthly Reports to Congress [link:]
But there are many more Fed $ black holes already filled and waiting to be filled. Bitcoin serves. Yes, there are other useful advantages to crypto, such as evasion of US sanctions on monetary transactions. But for the Smartest Guys in the Room (The Desk) that’s not a concern*… compared to laundering billions as the US Treasury-Fed must do.
Doubtful? Read about the Colonial Pipeline affair. Or how the CIA stole billions from the Afghanistan Central Bank and converted those funds to bitcoin: CIA’s Bitcoin Heist Surprisingly, the innocents of the Taliban still ask for their funds back. They have no idea how the Evil Monetary Empire truly operates. [ Regarding Afghanistan, for a most concise interpretation of the west’s abject dysfunction: ]

Wall Street bets heavily on bitcoin too. Microstrategy … GBTC Grayscale Bitcoin Trust… Coinbase Global … and many more. Ever heard of CNBC or Bloomberg bagging on crypto? Never. However for the punter, bitcoin is attractive because there is no need for accounting or accountability. Bitcoin lacks taxation enforceability. No 1099 or other reporting is required. What does the IRS say about that? Who cares. Fact is, the Feds… ie OCC – Treasury – Federal Reserve, won’t shut down bitcoin because they cannot, taxable or not. Powers that be could do so in an instant by declaring all interaction with crypto exchanges by US banks to be illegal. But the US government has not done that. Cannot do that. Won’t do that. Bitcoin is just too useful.
China eventually realized that the US is using crypto for nefarious purposes – purposes which also hurt China’s holdings of US debt instruments – and China took action. China made bitcoin illegal to trade there: Bitcoin fell in price accordingly, but soon rebounded. Illustrating the point that the true use for bitcoin, the real use — ie exterminating inflationary dollars via bitcoin — is useful to the US monetary cabal… not to China.
So what does the above mean? It means that there is a dwindling (real) monetary base from which the Fed-Treasury may work (long story) and bitcoin/crypto might be a good speculation going forward. Because inflationary pressures are not transitory. Because the dollar seems to be heading for a bad place. Because there are too many dollars chasing too few goods and services. Because the US war with China will not be resolved. Because gold and silver are hopelessly gamed by the LBMA-BIS-COMEX-Fed precious metals cartel. As such, crypto should do rather well and better, as the slow-motion train wreck of US global reserve currency moves forward.
Regardless, bitcoin is still by definition.. a scam. Even if a profitable one for some. It’s the same scam people have fallen for generation after generation. It’s a scam Central Banks, the Fed, and Wall Street know well… and it profits them, at least for now.
Maybe it will profit you, too? Enjoy your crypto!

Steve Brown

*truly not a concern at all


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