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Statism vs Individualism, Globalism and the New Warfare World Order

The West is (undeniably) in rapid decline. It’s ever more evident. And that’s led to some consideration regarding how, why, when, and where things began to go wrong, and continue to do so. But perhaps of more interest is the response to such (especially cultural) Western decline by both Russia and China.
In China that’s led to what’s being called a “profound transformation”. But even that analysis somewhat misses the point, because the issue is not just State versus individual. The higher order debate transcends politics and culture, and asks what must be done to advance the classic notion of civilization, in light of dwindling resources and an ever-increasing population.
Key globalists like Gates and Bezos drone on about climate change, the contagion, population control, diversity, etc etc — but never address the true human condition. Globalists cannot address reality because they are so far removed from it. And the globalist agenda never held true promise of success in the world that it polarized. What the globalists did not foresee way back in the 1980’s is entropy and the devolution of their world order, where the global hegemon now requires military force and failed state chaos to maintain its power.
Hence the greatest flaw in globalist thinking, being furtherance of the corporatist Warfare State agenda. Ah… did you notice? The world is increasingly at war. And even those once avowedly antiwar are being sucked into this structure of state violence, whether by social media propaganda or actual participation. The US government and its oligarchs fund NGO’s and corporates like the CSIS and NED with billions of dollars. The NED and CSIS brief is to foment war, unrest, and instability in those states that oppose the New Warfare World Order, and that recognize the failure of the western hegemonic and its globalist agenda. In other words, Globalism has failed and in its place we have a totalitarian world of warfare, where peaceful global commerce is a thing of the past.
So what is next? How can the individual protect from the State’s onslaught? At this point, for the western Realist, there is little else to do than tune out, turn off, and drop-out. In America and Europe this is manifested by chronic labour shortages, and refusal to work in the very perverse world of incorporated tyranny, that the west presents as ideal. Hence the rise of the gig economy supplemented by government hand-outs. No, that’s not ideologically ideal… but in this New Warfare World Order.. what else to expect?
For China, the question of the State versus the individual is quite different. China has seen the globalist’s New Warfare World Order force the decline of the west, and China desperately hopes to avoid such perverse excess of greed and depravity, excess that has sunk the United States. In this regard, an excellent article about China advisor Wang Huning and his anti-western agenda for China deserves serious study: But as the article states, it’s highly unlikely that by government decree China may successfully mandate a cultural revolution and a return to family values, invoking moral stability for its. Also, repressing free will and denying the populace access to freedom of expression is just as dangerous to China as it has been for the west. Even so, there is a useful comparison to make.
The US corporatist cabal is not an incarnation of individual initiative or even capitalism. The US operates a form of plutocratic oligarchy within the framework of a two-party system – quasi totalitarian – which Sheldon Wolin called the Inverse Totalitarian State. Thus the United States and China are, to differing degrees, totalitarian states. Also, the US is a warfare state… while China, by its communist party rule, possesses totalitarian elements but is not a warfare state.
So how do they compare? It is clear that China has a superior system. China does not invade, occupy, aggress, and destroy like the United States government does. China has clean, affordable, efficient public transport, modern infrastructure, and employs multi-year plans to address energy, housing, educational and health issues. By no means perfect. However China’s response to the contagion provides one example of systemic superiority: China’s response to the contagion has been far more effective and successful than that of the US.
But what we truly see is that the people of the world, whether west or east, make the difference. Their motivation and morale, their hope for the future, and their wish for a world appreciative of peace — not war — is key. The west fails on all counts. And yes, the globalists have failed. One day their predilection for warfare and destruction will fail too.

Steve Brown

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